The Dickenson distraction begins...

Is dressing Dave going to help the team or prove to be a distraction. Personally, if you are going to dress him, bite the bullet and get him playing. This could be a repeat of a couple of years ago with Casey Printers. Either Dave is healthy and should be starting or he is not and shouldn't be dressing.

DD is a fool if he tries to play again this season. One more concussion could be the end of his career, its not a smart move on the club's part, either. They need to sit him down and say, take your time to heal.. give it a try next year.
There is no reason for him to come back, IMO. The Lions are doing just fine without him, so why risk your career? Someone close to him is giving him very bad advice or he just being reckless-- its not a good situation at all. I agree with you mike, he will be more of a distraction than a help to the Lions.

It won't do anything you're worried about. I'd be more worried about Dave's health, coming back to early. There will be no "controversy", not this time. Wally learned his leasson. Besides, JJ, BP, and DD simply don't think that way.

I think the rest of the league and their fans want a controversy but unlike with Printers, all 3 Lions QBs are unselfish and are willing to be team players.

Well put Lionbacker. Dave knows his role. Personally I agree with Sambo's first line. Why put your health on the line. Oh well, I'm not a doctor.....

come on guys. Dickenson will not be any sort of distraction. if anything it'll be a blessing, cause if by some fluke odd, impossible reason, the Esks get to Jackson.. then Dickenson can come to the rescue.

This mornings CKNW Sports said that IF Dickenson comes back next year, he would have to take a pay cut.

Read between the lines and draw your own conclusion.

...Burris trying to get back into the stamps line-up....yup
....D.D....trying to get into the leo's line-up...dumb
....but then stranger things have happened in lotus land..... i'm pretty sure Dickenson would be taking a huge risk.... he better get over his exhuberance to play.?????????? :roll:

He's playing Papa so that Ottawa picks him up for next year! :wink: :wink: :wink:

OH......if he doesn't get rocked between now and then...i guess the leos could have him come into the games against esks. and the hammer...after the 2 pts. are in the bag..... :lol:

I think Dave isnt thinking straight...

End of his career?
Sambo, he might end up in a wheel chair.
Just this week he supposedly was showing concussion like symptoms but they apparently decided he had a cold.
Sound familiar?
Game last year where DD told the team he was fine--just had the flu?
I don't see much upside to this for the Lions or for Dave.
Reckless is definately the right word for this, Sambo.

Dave is under contract next year, so if the Lions try to force him to take a pay cut, he can refuse and then the Lions either acquiesce or cut him.
Of course the Lions will need to decide on their QBs for next year.
Buck is under contract now, but JJ will be a free agent.
If JJ is now the #1 QB in town, and the Lions win the Grey Cup with JJ, they can't afford to pay all 3 of those guys like they are starters. Something will have to give regardless.
And if anyone thinks all 3 of these guys are willing to ride the bench because they are "team players" are crazy.
They will this year, if Wally has learned his lesson, but not in the offseason.

Dave at 400k a year may be the odd man out no matter what happens this year.
But if he gets another concussion, we know he won't be back next year and any possible pay-cut becomes moot.

Thanks for the contract info…radio conveniently left that part out. (Or I was still half asleep…no morning coffee yet!)

I can see the Lions keeping Pierce & Jackson and either Trading or cutting Dickenson if he doesn’t take a pay cut. Personally, Dave should look at his health, retire, and be a QB Coach for Pierce and Jackson.

If he was thinking straight, he would have stayed in civvies for the rest of the season. He should realize that there are more important priorities in life.. like his health and his family and life after football. Football should be at the bottom of this list.

The way Wally finds QB's, I don't see why he would ever want an experienced backup. I can't recall the last time a QB came in and failed under his coaching. Anyone know of one?

Spergon Wynn won 2 games for us in 2004(or 2005) then went to Winnipeg and Toronto and bombed in both places.

Maybe he is going to retire at the end of the season. Maybe thats why hes coming back to finish this one.

I am assuming the way the article is written, that Dave is healthy and that he is no longer feeling the effects of the concussion. If that is truly case, then Wally will be forced to make a decision before the end of the season. That decision will be play Dave or leave Jackson.

While I can understand the let him dress one game and we will only play him if needed attitude. That only works for one game. What does he do next week or the week after, if the Lions just happen to lose one of their next two (I don't think it will happen) it could put extra pressure on. Dave has to be dressing to get into game shape. My comment was assuming he truly is getting into game shape, how long do you leave him on the sidelines. He will need one or two games before the playoffs to get his timing down. Letting Jackson play this week with Dave taking over next week makes sense. The longer he sits on the sidelines the bigger the distraction is going to be.

If Dave is still feeling the effects of the concussion dressing him makes no sense what so ever. I would agree tell him to sit out the balance of season, his health is more important.

Wally is also being very coy with the media. We are only being told "parts" of the story.