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If quality American linemen and linebackers, are a dime a dozen how come the Gades haven't had a quality middle linebacker in years. As for Josh Ranek, he has been the old school running back that showed up for every game, played his heart out and hurt players when they went head to head with him. I expect he'll come back to haunt the Gades. I'm hoping the coaches come up with one of those "dime a dozen" Americans that have the same skills and work ethic.

They may be needing someone to fill Kyries Heberts shoes now that he has been charged for assult, I'm guessing that he won't be allowed across the border, and if convicted he'll be in the Longest Yard sequel, his skills would be greatly missed.


Bingo once the team starts winning, then this all stops but until then it is going to continue. I personally think Jenkins has heard all the trash and he is goign to prove everyone wrong, he is too proud of a guy, and he is not anyones puppet.

Really now? all of this should be not convincing to me on how this team under the gleibs will do.

Ranek has not fumbled for the past 3 years, it was the only weakness he had and he fixed it. Ranek will run wild in Hamilton and he is already popular here. (I live in Hamilton). By game 3, he'll be the most popular guy on the team. People in Hamilton love guys that play with the kinda heart that he does.

I think he left for 2 reasons.
2) he would not get the ball much in the run & shoot

Anyway I get to see him play 9 times this year, so I'm thrilled he's here.
And yes he will haunt the Gades.

ABC, you are the one missing the picture. So if Kosmos says jump off a bridge do you jump? Step up use your own mind. Ranek was awesome 1,000 yards, but you think that he was worth all the money they threw at him. An American running back? So now he is in Hamilton, without a QB that runs, Raneks best games were when Joseph was running too. Now Ranek will not have a running QB, they can zoom in on him only, you will see.

Hudson, well this guy is just an idiot, the money they threw at him and he said NO. hahahahahahah

Moscow man, me and you think almost exactly the same on most issues,lol. I go to post something, but then I dont as it would just be saying the same thing as you ,lol

I find it so funny how people think Ranek will run wild in Hamilton. his most successful games were when Joseph was running. Maas doesnt run, so they are going to tee up on Josh and trust me he is a straight ahead runner not a dancer. He just made a huge mistake, oh yeah and he has half the same O line he had here with the same O line coach what makes it better?

Okay, let's see here, Moscow versus Kosmos, I'd choose Kosmos any day over your opinions. He's played the game and is very knowledgable. That's kind of laughable that you would even think you would know more than him. :lol:

Hudson knew something that you don't know, that a team with Lonie heading it would go nowhere, and he asked for a 3 year contract and they turned him down. You do know that Hudson actually played for Ottawa and would know what is going on in the office and staff and so forth.

I'm not the only one who had problems with our O-Line! I was at the games. I saw Joseph running for his life!!! The credentials of Hudson aside, our O-Line sucked!!!! Especially the high snaps leading to TDs for the opposing teams. Nope, the O-Line needed a major overhaul.

High Five, many people would say that Hudson was the best of the bunch. Is the O-Line being overhauled or do we have many of the same players signed from last year???

we lost cheron and hudson. What im hering, chris burns is back. but all we have are guards and import tackels. we will need to find some canadian tackels and i think this line this year could do better

heres what i think it will look like this year

stgermain. khan. sutherland. burns. moore*

moore is the only true tackle out of those guys and hes an import

The Gades also signed Annunziata over the weekend... just needs to be cleared by the CFL....

I was at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa Rock 'N Bowl fundraiser 2 Sundays back. Anyway Obby Khan and Pat Woodcock were in the bowling lane next to me with a guy that will see some time at tackle, I'm guessing. His name is Shawn Gifford (# 64). He's 6'5" - 280 lbs. I like the weight because, no matter what you might think, fat is dead weight. It doesn't move you faster or make you stronger. So Gifford is tall, and has the arm length to play tackle, plus he is quite athletic. Here is his link on the website::

[url=] ... ros_id=628[/url]

I know what you're saying: who is this guy Gifford? I haven't heard of him until recently either, but I'm willing to give him a chance. Bottom line: lets see any of you, whom I've never heard of, line up against the Cheatwood's and the Belli's and not get killed, nevermind do a good job blocking.

And he's an Ottawa boy.

it does say hes a guard and if we wanted to just put guards at tackle we got lots of skill there. we need some darn tackels!!! lol

well hold on i just looked over his carear stats and it says hes played left tackle a couple times. we should give him a shot

ABC, tell me do you smoke pot. Re read your posts in July then come back and tell us all you were right.... ain't gonna happen. Outlawz excellent post buddy

Don’t forget Unutoa. Another guard.

[url=] ... ros_id=473[/url]

I think Unutoa, Khan and Burns will start as the guards this year. Khan is tall, but he says he doesn’t have the arm length to play tackle. Sutherland will play centre, and be spelled by the other guys. Moore, St. Germain, and Gifford will play the tackles.

These guys still have some fight in them. Khan is our guard of the future. Gifford could become our true tackle for a long time - I hope he works out. They’re both young.

You are forgetting Annunziata, who also plays inside…

Nope, my mind isn't clouded by anything. All I have said right from the beginning is that Lonie was bad news for football here in Ottawa. That was proven correct.

Then I said that Jenkins and Gregg need to move on. Gregg is going to be moved to a smaller less challenging position for him, maybe waterboy, I'm not sure. But I am correct with that one.

Jenkins will be given the year to prove that his run and shoot offence will not work. He'll be gone after that.

Let's see your predictions.