The Detroit Lions

…in 29 years this franchise has missed 21 playoff seasons (this year included)…their last post season win was in 1991…0-10-1 this year so far…finally win a game against so-so minny…

OMG, really?!!?

Dedicated fans, assuming they still have some.

In the sports business the ability to operate a "lovable loser" team for decades on end like the Detroit Lions is kind of admired. Just seems like black magic.

I guess I’m exclusively a CFL fan today as I have watched no NFL and didn’t even know the Lions won! But it is the Viqueens.

I still recall well cheering on the lovable loser Riders in '89 alongside a buddy who hailed from Regina.

Maybe we’ll see that rematch next week.

Haven’t really watched the Lions/NFL since the days of the great Barry Sanders.

Another Sunday and I haven’t watched the NFL .

Not even a peak .

This was another great Sunday just enough football for me started at noon and ended about an hour ago .

I had to take a break in the third of the west final and we went for our walk . Needed that stretch before that finish .

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Cool! I might have to sneak in a bit of tonight’s NFL game though.

I’m originally from Detroit, lived near Cleveland as a child, and have lived near Chicago most of my life. All of my NFL teams are cursed!

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Hard to believe Denver held the ball for about 11 mins in the 2nd and came away with nothing.

Yeah saw that. Switched back to Jets game. Now up 4-1!

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…lol the cardinals

Could be worse ......

You could make it to the big game often enough...but not win

Ain't that right Mr. Young ...


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All the Lions beating the Cardinals tells me is that without Hopkin's, the Cardinals will be an easy out in the playoffs...

The Lions are a crap team with possibly the worst ownership in the NFL...I say "possibly" because, as a Chicago Bears fan, the McCaskey's give the Ford family a run for their money in the "Worst Owners in the NFL" category...

Most Bears fans are left with "At least we're not as bad as Detroit" as our rallying cry...But just barely these days...