The depth chart for Thursday's game is out!

The depth chart is available:

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I find it interesting that Joel Wright is starting at safety (rather than Masson). Ferri is also starting ahead of Reggie Hunt. They will possibly make changes tomorrow (4 guys will be cut, etc), but I am looking forward to this game.

Well thanks very much Mr. LastChance :thup:


Says Wright will start at safety, Masson on rds said he was starting...

Kizer is moved from Corner to HalfBack (Backup)

Bratton is in Green isn't

Ferri starts , Hunt is a backup

starting 9 NI

7 new starters

Somehow I doubt this chart is accurate. Hunt a backup? Wright starting over Masson? Bratton in over Green? Bah.

I don’t think Hunt is 100% healthy yet. That’s why I see him as a backup.

Hunt didn't play in the preseason, coming off injury, so I'm sure as well that's why he's not starting.

We've seen these charts be wrong before however, so as to who starts at safety I'll wait until the game is on.

Very True MJ (Not Micheal Jackson LOL!). Wright and Masson are interchangable. Hunt is slowly getting back in to it.

I'm glad Kizer made the team. He's got size.
I'm also thinking we are going to see some cool use of Larry Taylor.

We've beaten to death the areas we are worried about (O-line, D-line, MLB, and safety) here's a look on the bright side:

Trestman likes to air it out. The targets AC will have are Deslauriers and Taylor; Watkins and Richardson; Bratton and Armstead; Desriveaux and Stala.

Nothing to sniff at there, and our receiving corps will be even better when Cahoon and Thurmon return.

But even as it is, it's a pretty good corps of receivers, and we'll be going up against a completely re-worked secondary for the Cats, who may need some time to gel.

If the O-line gives AC the time he needs, this could be a lot of fun.

Some of you don't seem to realize that only 42 can dress; of these 46, consisting of 25 Imports and 21 Non-imports, 3 imports will not dress and 1 non imports.

Amongst the imports it will,most probably, be: Taylor, Richardson- 2 WR- and MecElvain or Wilson; the non-import will be Hulack or Lambert,if he's not 100%.

We should win,at least I hope.