The demise of Canadian women's hockey at the pro level?

A sad day some will say for hockey in Canada but hey, if the finances don’t work, not much one can do.

Canadian Women’s Hockey League announces it will cease operations

"I have no idea what this means for the future, but this is heartbreaking," Toronto Furies general manager Sami Jo Small said on Twitter. "We will work hard to ensure there is still women's hockey in Toronto."


I was saddened to read this today too. Unfortunately, this is the first time I recall hearing about this league at all, so it’s not so surprising they’re going under.

Maybe the franchises can join the National Women’s Hockey League. They have 5 teams in the US and would be a natural fit. One league would be better for the growth of the game.

Glad to hear from you again, Aerial. I missed your posts. How you doing ?

I am no business tycoon but if you look at the two women leagues, it’s easy to see why one folds and the other is going strong. I remember they were going to join together at one point but that news never surfaced again, that I saw… I like women’s hockey. It’s a little slower but it’s still good hockey.

What was the average paycheque and overall team budget for these failed business model teams? Anyone know?

I know I love watching Olympic womens hockey or Canada vs. USA games. Far more elegant games with none of the NHL/AHL chippiness, hack-slashing, gooning, etc.

I would have thought these young professional women (18 to 36) would have been able to make $25,000 to $55,000 per anum plus sponsorship money if they had the right personality or look to sell goods.

How many bums were in the stands?
Did they have any regional TV contracts?
Did the NHL or Hockey Canada give him any type of financial boosts?

I think I heard this morning that only recently were the players receiving money but I may be wrong on this. Like you PTBO I hadn’t heard about this league much if at all.

Dan, doing ok, I’ve been given a temporary diagnosis of a condition related to Parkinson’s called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, info below for those interested and to create more awareness about these atypical Parkinsonism conditions. No cure just supportive care for these atypical Parkinson’s, well like Parkinson’s as well. But I have to see a specialist neurologist to get a more definite diagnosis as the physician who thinks I may have this is a geriatrician and not his specialty per se. My latest symptom which is a bit frightening are the tightness and spasms I get in my throat that cause me to choke and do dry heaving for a few minutes, hate it and just hope it doesn’t get too regular because not sure I can handle this physically or mentally to be honest. As well my tongue doesn’t work some days well and I can’t swallow food for a minute or two until the tongue begins working again. It’s weird stuff I can tell you. As well arching backwards and staring into the sky and falling mainly backwards, well going down to the ground backwards, so have to be careful with this.

The fact that you, Aerial and PTBO Dave have never heard of the league is the problem. The NWHL promotes their league big time and it shows in the stands. Also the Canadian league tried to be all nicey-nice and brought in teams from CHINA!?!?!
Didn’t charge an expansion fee ?!?!?

You are a warrior Aerial. Keep fighting the good fight. I’ll be thinking of you and say a prayer… I sure hope me saying the word ‘prayer’ doesn’t offend any snowflakes on this forum.

more likely to be offended by “snowflakes” I think


Looks like the NHL might step in with some money. I’m sure $200K per team would run this League quite easily. Maybe half that.

I remember the Leafs helping one team or teams and i think other Cdn teams have helped too. The league to the south, the NWHL, is linked with the NHL though.

Speaking of the Leafs, they sure do have a lot of games left that are against teams with nothing to lose, in other words, already out of the playoffs. Not good. That’s why Ott beat them.

My 1st cousin’s daughter played in both the CWHL and NWHL. She also played on the Olympic team one year and i knew another girl who played that i met through her father who was a friend of my step dad. It’s pretty decent when you have a connection like that.

The NHL could easily help this league. Maybe lend them a promotion manager PR guy along with some dough. They spend enough helping Swedes and Finns and Czechs to play in the NHL, you think they could spare some change to help our own Canadian women.

Thanks guys and I can say right now I’m getting so much psychological strength from my younger sister, the youngest of 5 of us children my parents had, she fought a tough 6 month battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer when she was diagnosed last summer and passed away just before this past Christmas. She fought like the dickens to beat it but it had already spread to her liver when she was diagnosed. She had such a great zest for life and then the diagnosis from you know where.

I know we all have loved ones who have passed or perhaps haven’t passed but battled something who will give us the courage to fight when battles come our way.

Yes, would be great to see some NHL money come forward to help with women’s hockey, no question.

Very sorry to hear that, hope that would never happen

If women’s pro hockey doesn’t work out, maybe there should be more tournaments.
Or perhaps a National provincial championships. Or Provincial teams could play games against other national teams or regional teams.