The Deloitte Report - download

I assume most here have already read this in it’s entirety but in case anyone didn’t know where to find it, get it here.

[url=] ... evised.pdf[/url]

This nice to have a copy for Reference

Thanks canucklehead

For some of us who have to use a different site to download large files notwithstanding the better connection, what exactly is this report? There's no description at all on the link above. :?

The Deloitte report was a study done for the City of Hamilton on the pros and cons of building a stadium at a site most of us call the Rheem site, it's an old factory in the North/central part of the city.
Pretty much anything and everything you want to know about the proposed location for the Pam-am games stadium.

In light of there being so many new members lately I thought I'd bump this thread back up in case people don't know where to find there own copy.
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