The Defense

Not surprisingly Evans and the offense get much of the attention and scrutiny but it’s the defense that is just as crucial to this success.

Lions fans couldn’t wait for Mark Washington to leave and I was admittedly skeptical of his hire but it’s clear he’s quality and more importantly players respond to him and the system.

It’s the hardest hitting defense in years and honours the heritage of tough defense here.


Amen! Couldn’t agree more!

Pretty much nails it.

Team game.

The D featured Laurent, Daly, Adeleke, Shortill, and Brett Wade . 5 Canadians that are part of our very solid defence.
I’ve been a Tuggle critic this year but his intercept and run were key to the victory . Mea culpa !

Pat Lynch (the old person)

I as well have not been jmpressed with Tuggle but then found out, until last night, he was tied for the team lead in tackles. His break on the ball for the INT was a fantastic play which should have resulting in a Pick 6.

I was also skeptical. His defences in BC were near the bottom in many statistical categories.

However, he definitely has a much deeper talent pool of players to work with in Hamilton.

He also might have changed his philosophy since arriving in the Hammer. Orlondo might have influenced or collaborated with him as to how the defence should play.

I wonder if Hervey is regretting letting Washington go and bringing in the fellow from Calgary with the somewhat askew baseball cap?

Simoni 17 Tackles says it all !