The Defence

Gotta give Tim Burke some credit here. . . making Muamba the starting MLB was a good move.

The Bomber defence sures looks a heck of a lot better with Logan and Suber back.

With Sears and Suber at half, I am quite content leaving Hefney at LB, even if he is not content with it !

Super performance tonight, a treat to watch.

They've still had some breakdowns, and can't stop an opening drive for crap...but they have played a good game. Let's hope they can finish!
BTW - yes, Muamba's best game to date.

And just like that the D gives it back…

'''''Too many lapses....Tim has to get these guys back on their game....AND please Jovon ...don't going saying you're the cream of the crop as far as dbs. go AND then get beat looooooong for a tying touchdown in the late going....Less bragging and more playing.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Muamba played great, but Elliott, Simpson and Watson ( all offense) got this team fired up. Now wasn't there some guys saying Watson wouldn't be wanted by any other team.

Yes it seems to me that there were. .. they might just be changing their minds I should think. . .

The defence will only get better with Hef back at HB and Stewart back at SAM and give Muamaba a few more starts, he's going to be a keeper.

Getting the starters back is a big help for the D. The D played well tonite, but gave up a few too many big plays facing a Ti-Cats that lost Walker midgame and was already without Fantuz. But a lot of things to like as well - especially guys not giving up on plays but chasing down Ti-Cats players and stripping the ball free. Muamba played well, hope he keeps it up and makes me eat crow for wanting them to switch to an IMP MLB.

well, i guess the telling thing is the bombers had the ball for 36 minutes, guess when the d isnt on the field all game, they play better. crazy concept.

Jovon needs to put more heart in his game. On the play where he was burned by Williams for 84 yards. He didn't put any effort in his coverage before or after the catch. Williams had played a ton of downs and ran up and down the field all night. If Jovon does not quit on that play he has a chance to catch him and he should have relished the challenge. Strange...

Kudos to the D for tightening up when it counted, but I wasn't impressed with the secondary, particularly Johnson, in the first half. Suber looked a bit rusty and was playing off receivers for fear of getting beaten over top. Hamilton was converting second and long far too frequently for my liking.

That's how it's been for most of the year. Yesterday was one of the better games they played all year. Now you are begining to understand my claim that Bomber fans should be more disappointed with the D than the O so far.

I'd say Bomber fans have every right to be disappointed with the offense, but yes, the secondary play of the D is a concern. Particularly Johnson. Someone who runs his mouth as much as he does has no business getting undressed and torched the way he was in the first half. He's supposed to be an elite corner -- he sure isn't playing like it right now.

See, as a visitor here, you should listen more to the fans on this board, rather than tell us about our team. 8)

Where did you come up with your "classification system" ? Visitor ??? Are you a card carrying paying member here ?

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I guess you didn't read your own post. Check out ammendment 2....Silly HFx... :smiley:

Well played LGB! :thup:

Hope HFx has small feet. Atta boy LGB !

I am well aware of the guidelines. Maybe we have different opinion of what "Trash talk" is. What is important that you understand is not all fans are as you : Fans of only one team. This thread was started by a guy who is a fan of multiple teams. Anyway just keep an open mind and try not to box people in categories, please.

The guidelines really should stipulate explicitly what constitutes trash-talking. I have always taken trash-talking to mean blatant insults directed at a team or its fans, taunting and boasting after a win, put-downs after a loss, personal attacks, and other obvious forms of trolling. I am not sure how or where the definition of trash-talking expanded into a straightjacket on how non-Bomber fans should act, how frequently they should post, or any other item of conduct that is not under the jurisdiction of anyone but the individual in question. Without any disrespect intended, only I decide whose opinions I should pay attention to, and whether or not they factor into my own thoughts and posts. Nowhere in the guidelines is it stated that fans 'visiting' a team subforum should 'pay attention' to the opinions of that team's fans, or limit the frequency of their posts.

Frankly, this issue is making it clear to me that the forum guidelines for conduct need revision and expansion for clarity.