The Defence

Rich Stubler has a long history of preferring to run a 3/4 defence.

The article on this website confirms that he'll run a 3/4 in Edmonton this year:

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The Eskimos’ new defensive coordinator is looking to bring back the 3-4 scheme, a setup which inflicted some confusion and difficulty for opposing offences while Stubler was with the Argonauts.

But, on the team's website, there are depth charts for the first three days of camp (June 5, 6, and 7) all show the defence in a 4/3 alignment.

Anyone have any insight?

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Esks make cuts.

Can't seem to open the link posted by MadJack (blank grey page) and also on the write-up on the CFL home page won't come up either. I think it's perhaps standard procedure for teams to post their depth charts in a 4/3 set? However, I do think the coaches are still working on which players to put where before a 3/4 depth chart will be posted. Two of the cuts made this morning were DB's that were listed as back-ups for T.J. Hill at Safety, so I wonder who will be his backups now. I suppose we'll know more in the days leading up to and/or after the practice/scrimmage on June 11th. WR/KR Larry Beaver I'm curious about as we need someone with speed.

Well let's assume that when the season starts they'll be in a 3/4 as the base defence.

Rod Davis as one of the two middle linebackers, and three rookies alongside him.

Greg Peach on the line with two newcomers.

Putting a lot of faith into the new guys ET has recruited. Scary in a way. . . but on the other hand, given where the Eskimos have finished the past few seasons, it was time to blow it up and start over.

That's crazy. 8 new starters on the defence. That's three-quarters. Wow... It's certainly going to be a interesting July. :lol:

There is a picture on the team photos of TC on the Esks website. But I would think this quote by MadJack will hold up to be true. Although Paolo X is right that T.J. Hill (a true Safety) is not a LB, but it does look like he's in the picture with 4 LB's across. However with Lenny Walls back in the mix with the club, we'll have to see how all this shakes out.