The Defence Looks Awsome!.. or..

the offence is horrible,. i went to mac today and watch some pretty boring stuff, the offence struggled alot! bad throws by the qb's dropped balls by the receivers. i dont know the defence looks sharp, but like i said either or the offence just isnt ready to play pro football yet.

anybody else who attended agree with me here?

p.s anybody know why lumsden, and talman garnder were not suited up for todays event?

I wasn't there, but caught the "highlights" on the CH sports at 6:15. All I can say is it MUST have been boring because Bubba O'Neil didn't show any highlight offensive plays at all, and didn't mention any names of players who stood out (except for Setta). In fact, the highlights CH showed looked more like boring slow-paced practice drills than a scrimage.

For those who were there, did any of the QB's stand out? And if they didn't, do you think it was their fault, or the receivers? (i.e. not getting open).

And who exactly stood out on D? Was there a lot of pressure on the QB? Good run coverage by the LB's? Any picks by the secondary?

One clip CH showed was not a good omen: Maas throwing a pass that obviously went offline, then Maas looking back at the sidelines with that weird look of disbelief he showed so frequently in games where the Ticat offence did nothing last year. Ugh!

I thought Defence would be Keyed up
I am not Surprised..
If you had Hold Back For a week in camp and not Hit anyone you'd be Keyed Up.

To Lay the wood..
I was Talking with Sandy Beveridge
He said all Defence Guys Could talk about is when is the Scrimmage ...When is the Scrimmage

They Where Jacked up..
The Offence just not Prepared for the hitting
They be Better this Week.
They leave for Winnipeg on Wednesday.
I am shure Charlie Will step on them.

Why does it matter? Preseason means nothing, just look at last year, we were 2-0 in the preseason.

Maas looked lost out there. Same old looking around,who to blame. here we go again...

It was the 1st day they where hitting..
what do you Expect
Jason to throw 4 TD in a Scrimmage
They only been at it a Week.

Where talking Charlie Taff not Moses Here..

Good things take time

i think we heard that last year

Yes we did but we did not have these Coaches …
These coaches are Teachers at Heart …
They will get best out of Our Boys
Including Jason or he won’t play …

todays scrimage was garbage it was pure warm up n stupid drills, 45 minutes of offence vs defence, i showed up at 330 thinkin k scrimage no, it was pure bs practicing n warming up it was horrible, the qb's were bad. i mean bad, i had a little kid on the sidelines drilled with a ball next to me n we were nowhere near the feild, thanks rocky! lol poor kid

The event billed as the "Black and Gold Game" was pretty much like any other practice at camp. The significant difference was the scrimmage was more structured with all coaches except Taffe off the field and live officials and a play clock.

The team had been hitting as early as the second day of practice.

The offense today was lost. I don't know if it had so much to do with the defense getting it together.

Defence usually has the tendancy of getting it down pat sooner than the offense. We'll see if we have a real problem brewing if we can't move the ball in our pre-season games.

I didn't see Lumsden in the scrimmage either.

i agree. the cats should be ashamed. they advertise black and gold game all week and we end up with that? All i can say is i'm glad it was free.Sorry Onenight but maas is supposed to be the veteran here and ready to prove himself,i know they were all bad but he showed nothing he didnt show last year.

I have to say I’m alittle concerned aout Maas too. He doesn’t look ready.He doesn’t look in charge or confident. When the D brings it he isn’t able to adjust to his outlets or secondarys, a key component to CFL QB’s.

1st Off it's a Scrimage not a Game..
Ads can be misleading .
Next This is a new Play book Quite Thick.
They had 1 Week in camp installing it.
Maas Was not worst QB out there
that was Shawn King..
I agree Jason looked bad..but not as bad as king did ..

Look If Maas Dose not Turn it around
He won't be here..
Charile and Marcel Think he a Winner..
They have Faith in Jason ..
I have Faith in our Coaching Staff and GM.

It not even Preseason and Your Getting on Jason. Hell aleast I wait till the Real Season last year to Poo poo him..

The Offence was off today
Every one on Offence was.
The Quaterbacks Where off
The Running backs Where off
The Wide outs where Off
The OLine Was Off
But it was a Scimage not a Game..
Give them a break.
I am shure We be fine

Last year was last year
This is a new Season
New Playbook
new Coaches
New Players

I am willing to give Jason Some Time before I Start Booing him..

So the consensus is that Maas sucked. But how did Chang, Butler, King and Williams do?

Every QB Played bad Today ..
No one looked good ..

The defense did play well, very well. #20 Dwight Anderson looked really good. Lawrence Gordon also made some nice playes.

Both Moreno, Dixon and Barrenechea made some nice plays from the LB position.

#45 Aaron Cotteral played rush end and made at least two tackles for losses and at least one sack. He had some speed coming in off the outside.

Newcomers to camp #30 Pride and #26 Radon looked pretty good as well.

On Offense Walker made a nice TD catch, there were not a lot of highlights from the receivers. Several drop balls in tight coverage, not a good sign. The OL didn't fare all that well. Hage did make some nice holes up front on the goal line run blocking. Bekasiak lined up as a tight end on short yardage goal line offence and caught a TD pass from Maas. Rocky Butler was the best QB in scrimmage. He ran for a few first downs. Chang looked nervous and confused a little. He overthrew a receiver open over the middle on a scramble and Charlie just ripped him and let him have it for missing the throw.

For me the biggest smile was when they went into special teams live drills and the first punt I saw from Setta went 72 yards from the line of scrimmage! I thought wow, fluke or routine. I soon had my answer. Hee followed it up with a 60 yarder. His first two feild goals from 35 and 45 yards into the wind (very mile wind) went through the end zone by about 20 yards (one almost hit Ken Peter's car)

The only players in my mind who played themselves off the team today were Mark Myers the kicker and Shaun King. King looked sloppy, disinterested and generally weak. His throws were off and he looked like he was going through the motions. Myers unfortunately for him is just not going to out kick Setta. Setta had two 70 yard kickoffs, a 70 yard punt and two 45 yard field goals with plenty to spare. Myers just couldn't duplicate that. To be fair to Myers he was trying to angle punts to the sidelines and he did that well just not with any impressive yardage.

Lots of stars on defense, lot of question marks at receiver and O-Line.

Just a bit worse than Maas, unfortunately.

Overall, it was just a very bad showing by the QBs. We've either got a very solid d backfield or a lot of work to do on offense.

It's still early.

Here you guys go again... first chance to jump on them... YOU DO!! Have faith !!! Support OUR beloved Ticats... it will get better (I hope)... give em a chance...ATLEAST YOU GUYS GET TO WATCH EM...still trying to figure how to watch games from japan.
Goodluck to the FANS and TEAM in 2007 !!!!


Thanks for the detailed updates. Much appreciated.

Taaffe will correct any QB errors he saw today. How? If Maas and King played as poorly as fans have said, and if that keeps up, come opening day, Rocky will lead the O, Chang will be the apprentice, and Maas and King will be unemployed. And that would be fine by me.

it sounds like we have a major problem at receiver, not q.b. These q.b's can all play, they have all proven themselves. If the O isn't clicking it's because the receivers aren't getting any seperatation, and against our unknown secondary it is not a good sign.