The defence is automatically 100% better

Just a note,

Our D has improved tremendously.....just like that!
By replacing the free safety with, (hopefully Karikari) everyones job becomes that much easier.
Beating us deep consistantly isn't going to happen.
A real physical prescence back there will give the opposition receivers something to think about.

In his day, Wayne Shaw was a pretty good player.
I'm sure during his time in Hamilton, Shaw gave it his all.

Best of luck........Wayne

i have been saying this alot

we have a good defence, the reason why they are allowing 30 points a game is because there on the field so long

i think once our offence gets going ( if it ever does ) then we will have a successful season

I too have high hopes for our defense, but I am reminded of a comment from an astute fan: If our defense is as good as we believe, shouldn’t they be able to generate more two and outs and short drives? Just a thought…

well they have done that a few times but they get fatigued from being on the field so long

last week the time of possesion for each team was:

toronto: 37 minutes + however many seconds

hamilton: 22 minutes + however many seconds

there is no way u can have ur defence on the field for 37 minutes in regulation and expect to hold the opposing to few points

How come we never say that the Offence should be tired because they were on the field too long? Maybe the guys on "O" get pissed when the the "D" holds the other team to 2 and out and they have to go back in! :twisted: :twisted:
(I know in the long run it easier to keep your wheel going on the offence)

Correct me if I'm wrong. But didn't Karikari play close to the line of scrimmage with the Als the last couple years? I believe its an upgrade from Shaw and he was playing out of position at HB but it seemed they picked on him alot. Hopefully with room to roam he can make some plays for us in the secondary.

well karikari did mediocor at corner but i must say he made some good tackled, some even just be grabbing some jersey, he knows how to tackle and cover wlel so if he is placed back there i agree with a solid saftey everybody else shouldnt have to worry so much. plus this guy was an all-star at the saftey position beofre correct?

Hopefully, the offence will start holding onto the ball a little longer and then the defence automatically becomes 200% better.
Remember with Karikari moving over to free safety and Sam Young stepping in at defensive half, we improve in two positions......not just at safety.

It took this long for RKK to get back to his natural's a welcome development!

Could someone point me to where it says Shaw was released. I checked the transactions on the CFL site and cannot find anything on the Cat site. Is there a link to a Spec story.