The Deep Pass

I've never read a better description of the how and effect of a deep pass as the one Chris Shultz just wrote !! :thup: :thup:

This puts it in perspective,maybe I need to give the whole team a little break when it comes to judging their total performance.

Be it the Linemen and backs blocking the extra seconds or the other factors...

First class stuff Chris! 8)

It seems so easy to throw long balls and it definately looks easy.

I've thrown them as a QB and it was easy in pick up ball,looks easy but it aint.
Lets cut them some slack.

They are professionals and paid that way.....may not be the easiest thing to do but good players/teams get it done. For some reason we are not and 0-3 right now.

Cant recall the ticats using the slant back pass,(QB throws behind reciever on corner route) this works great in coverage

I think this quote from Shultz explains some of our predicament:

Maas doesn't have that chemistry yet with most of our receivers. The only guy he seems to mesh with right now is Vaughn, and it's no surprise because they are familiar with each other (and I think it takes game experience to get that - practice just can't be the same)

Not to say we don't have other problems, but this is one thing we lack.

My question many games will it take

for Jason to develop chemistry with our deep ball receivers
throwing 1 or 2 deep passes a game to any one of them?

We need deep passes NOW!!

If he throws to many deep passes they will cry for the short ones you watch !!!

First of all, I'd like to thank "Beamreach" for starting this thread.
I'm reading a lot thus far in the thread about the rapport between receivers and quarterback. While I concur that this is important, I personally think that if our offensive line and other blockers were getting the job done on the rare occasions that we do go long, you'd find a more successful outcome.
Our biggest problem on these long passes is that Maas has to run for his life and doesn't have enough time. As Shultzie says, he needs at least 2 more steamboats.
Lets face it, this is a team game and in terms of the long pass, it's great when the QB and Receivers are on the same wave length, but the rest of the offense (blockers) has to work it's tail off to make these passes successful. Shultsizie's article had no surprizes for me, I've been aware of team effort since I was a child. It's the ONLY road to success.
At the risk of repeating myself for the umteenth time, I'll say again, "COACHING"

Not just in game time, but as the weeks go on, in practice, Maas will become more familiar with his receivers and the deep ball.

I really think you are correct,Jason has been running for his life...

We fans don't realize how difficult it is to keep good defensive linemen out of the QB's face.

Like Shultz describes it, their first move ;second and then you have to stop them on their third move ...good luck when it's a talented player coming at you.

This all takes three seconds and they're in there,anyway ,thats one point.

Guys, this ain't brain surgery.

Some of us that have been advocating patience have been saying all along that it takes time for a new offence to gel.

What's so hard to understand about that?

As I watched the game last Thurs. I thought it was a good plan to play all the short passes. It was working for awhile, but don't forget Maas needs time to adjust to the whole offence not just the receivers. Give it time.

Good points greycup06!

Maas presently has more downs at game pace/situ with this team than Eakin has in the CFL.

Thank God we now have an OC with full experience, on the field and on the sidelines, which we lacked last year and paid in full for.

The new QB's have to familiarise themselves with this new OC.

Sadly, we have issues with the O Line, and with QB's communication with receivers, let alone having fully healthy RB's...

I know, I know, "Patience my a**"...we all want to go out and kill someone!