the Decade of the CFL

This is the Decade of the CFL; almost every season will bring something new. there will be more change in the next 5-10 years than any point in CFL history. 2020 will look so much different than 2009.

2010 - Montreal's Molson Stadium

2011- BC Place

2012 - Winnipeg's new stadium

2013 - Ottawa's Lansdown Park

2014 - Hamilton

2015 - Saskatchewan

I hope Hamilton's stadium doesnt look like that in the end...pretty boring looking.

I agree, If the board of directors doesn't screw it up, yet again. I can see a CFL Renaissance in the East. :rockin:

Hey ! You forgot Moncton 2010 :twisted:

i didn't forget them...they dont have a CFL team, so i didnt include them or Quebec's stadium proposal..or BC's exhibition stadium.

And Ottawa is still dithering. Nobody knows for sure what's going to happen there. At this point in time the tiny minority NIMBYs appear to have the edge.

i believe there will be an announcement on ottawa's future later today.

....there;s definitely a sod turning for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers new stadium TODAY...that's a fact.... :rockin: AND it's about bloody time :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :wink:

yea, i got the e-mail today..thats actually what inspired this thread.

actually , the ottawa announcement is one week from today. thursday the 27th.

Is Calgary doing anything? Expanding McMahon?

...nope...McMahon seats roughly 36,000, and on average gets about 32,000 ppl per game except for rider and eskimo games which are usually sell-outs....expanding just for those games wouldn't make fiscal sense...what we really need is a brand new stadium but until a rich old benefactor dies and due to senility leaves the club a whack of money that's not happening...

I think MLS > CFL by decades end. Why? Well we got two teams owned by one guy in the CFL and no one cares about one of the franchises in their market. MLS will also be in Montreal and Vancouver which they will compete head on with the Lions and Alouettes. Yeah sure MLS isn’t the best soccer out there, but it’s the best league on our continent that has a chance to expose athletes on the continent that play soccer to the whole world. Right now they are getting big names at the end of their primes, but it’s still better than nothing because these players can raise the profile of the league and young guys can learn off of them. The MLS will help the Canadian mens soccer team develop, and the league has a shot at a real future having stable owners and low paying contracts.

In comparison the CFL isn’t even the best league for gridiron football on our continent and the average salary is similar to the MLS, yet one guy seems to be propping up the league (Braley). Soccer is more esthetically please to watch live too if the stadium has fresh grass laid down. I guarantee that the Whitecaps will draw more of a buzz/crowd than the Lions next year. Montreal will do the same to its CFL counterpart the year after. Good luck to the BFL (Braley football league)!

Some very promising stuff for sure.
I do agree that when we look back, this is the time period where the CFL will have blossomed the most in a very long, if not unprecedented time.

BTW, mods can you get rid of that idiot? All 34 of his posts is garbage troll crap.

North Americans don't give a rat's arz about soccer. Like Dana White says "There is a reason 3 year olds can play soccer".
Every ten years or so we get someone telling us this is the next big thing... Even the World Cup did not significantly grow soccer in the US. Given what the MOntreal owners did to Nike's investment in the USL. Soccer people don't even grasp how the corporate world works in North America. People like Saputo and Garber thinkg they are in Sicily :slight_smile:

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Updated Ottawa/Lansdowne plans

I hope this is a joke...Lets see what was supposed to kill the CFL but ended up doing nothing....

  1. Arena Football....The Phantoms were supposed to kill off the Argos once and for all, but folded after one season.
  2. Soccer...TFC may have a passionate fan base but their TV numbers are pathetic, Argo games have more people at the Dome than FC have on TV.
  3. NFL...Bils in Toronto is it. CFL is history. However, rediculous prices and a heavily papered house have Rogers losing up to $8 million per game.

Argos and CFL will march on, while its threats will die peacefully. :rockin:

I agree living in BC more people talk about the Lions then the Whitecaps, most people I know don't give a crap about soccer out here, don't understand the BC comment from a guy with a username called TorontoBased? You know nothing

that may be true out in the sticks, but in certain ethnic areas of greater vancouver, soccer is very much more popular, such as north commercial drive area. We get lots of people moving here from the rest of the world where soccer is number 1.

In the one TFC game I accidentally stumbled upon whilst channel surfing a while back, it was a glorious day in Toronto and the stadium appeared to be ~1/2 to 3/4 full. That makes the passionate fan base look pretty apathetic.

Soccer won't trump football in Canada for many generations, if ever. You have to be delusional to think it will do it ten years.

Is that right? I dont watch TFC on tv at all, i cant stand soccer, but perhaps the fizzle is dying down a bit. IMO theyre just a fad and all fads die off eventually. Within a few years or a decade I think FC will join the Marlies and Rock in Toronto sports obscurity. Who knows, soccer may become popular in North America, but our grandchildren will be dead before that happens.

you forgot to mention the