The Death of Canadian football

Hey, what's with this? I'll try to...ARGOS SUCK!

I agree 100%, I find it a huge chore to watch CIS football. The skill set of the players would be better suited to American rules and would result in more interest.. there's just little flow to the games.

People can cry and whine and make ignorant blatant racist excuses that make no sense at all, but the fact is it just isn't a great product and the coverage and interest level in it is above what it actually should be.

Who is watching CFL football these days in the East?
The type A fans like us,yes ,my Father was a type A fan he just says the CFL is in dire shape right now and isn't watching ,my son, "a white kid " since that seems to mean he should be a football fan ,he's going to Mac ,has been to a pile of Ti-Cat games ,but he could care less about the Cats or the CFL ,this league is dyingaround here ,in the East .
.................................................The Als suck ,and they are our enemy !!!!!!

My High School, Richmond High, no longer has a program due to lack of student interest. Something is changing, it may be demographics, I don't claim to know. I just know it is sad to see. If Asian Canadians are a group that is not very interested then advertize with old images of Kwong more, show them it is their game too. If I recall correctly, which I admit I may not, he was born in China and is one of the few people of Asian descent to have his name on the Grey Cup, and the Stanley Cup. (He was a Calgary Flames part-owner in 89). Let people know gridiron rules were invented at McGill, not in the US.. play on Canadian pride all around. The NFL is popular with the younger crowd, show them CDN football has deeper roots, and can be just as "cool" and years from now it may start getting better. Building support takes effort and time.

I'm not exactly sure who you're talking about . Perhaps you're confusing this with another post but after re-reading all of the posts again it is difficult to find anyone crying or whining about anything. Nothing more than some obsevations and questions being asked.

Who made racist remarks other than you????

There are Canadian east asian kids playing in the CFL (Bobby Singh and Obie Khan in Winnipeg), so some asian Canadian kids are still interested in football. Then there is Bryan Chiu in Montreal of Chinese Canadian descent.

As other posters have noted, Canadian football is strong in Quebec and out west.

As far as the CIS is concerned, I believe the quality of players is improving (five CIS kids now in the NFL) and will continue to improve as the CIS starts paying more generous athletic scholarships and keeps more Canadian kids from going down south to the states.

I am worried, however (like TCTD), about whether the argos and ticats will survive if an NFL team comes to Toronto. Hopefully the rest of the CFL will still somehow survive in some form. Any way, if that happens, I'm sure the locals kids will continue to play high school football and CIS football, and instead will just aspire to making the NFL one day.

But if high schools are dropping football programs and the face of universities are changing dramatically, where the h*** are you going to get players from...sandlots???

Really, are we talking football in general or Canadian football? And are we talking as a spectator sport or participation sport? Football in any analysis is complicated, moreso than any other sport I think because of this distinction of football and Canadian football and southern Ontario vs rest of Canada. I just find it sort of strange. Is it "bad" that Dan Marino is coming up here to talk with high school kids about "football" or "NFL football" and about the Bills playing in Toronto? I don't really think so, speaking generally about growing the sport of football.

Until kids can imagine themselves making a seriously healthy living playing pro football interest levels in young people will decrease. I've never heard a high school or cis player mention dreams of scoring the touchdown that wins the grey cup.

As for new canadians not being as interested, that's probably true, especially since canada doesn't export its imagery. I'm from trinidad, and i saw movies and tv shows from the usa in the 1970s showing goofy looking people wearing helmets and huge, silly pads on their shoulders. we in trinidad think it's the most ridiculous thing we ever saw. still, it was advertising their sport and their leagues. when i moved to hamilton in the 1980s i saw mention of the tiger-cats and the argos in the newspapers. after a couple of years i asked my older brother if any canadian team ever won the superbowl. it was only then that he told me it was a completely different league. so, naturally, football in the usa no longer exists in my universe.

canada doesn't market football to people in other countries. what am i saying? canada doesn't market football to its own people, much less people in other countries! when was the last time you saw a canadian tv show or movie about a sport other than ice hockey or, occasionally, curling or baseball? ever see the raccoons staging a football game? i've never watched the show, but do/did degrassi high ever have a show about football? did someone win a game on a 3rd down gamble? if canada made shows like that and exported them to other countries, football would not be as strange and outlandish to newcomers as it is now.

as for demography, more than 50% of the national population is made up of immigrants or the children of immigrants. i bet that most foreign born students come to canada to study, not to play sports they've never even heard of before, particularly violent sports, pads or no pads. so, really, you have only half the population to choose from, and only half of that, since the other half is female. in other words, only 25% of the population is native-born male who has been in the country for more than 2 generations. the numbers would get smaller when you take into consideration the number of high-school-age boys who would be eligible.

I've been away from home for a long time. I hear now there's a high school provincial championship in Ontario. is that for each province or do some still play for city championships?

I completely agree with your point in principle, but one fun exception is Corner Gas. They had one episode that was all about trying to get to the Grey Cup in time. Mind you, the actual content of the game was not featured in the episode, so the only information someone would learn is that there is a game called the Grey Cup. Also, the character Hank Yarbo is almost always wearing a Rider t-shirt. :smiley:

When you mention that the skill set of the players would be better suited to American rules, I will say I completely agree in the sense that I think American rules including the smaller field make the game easier. Not as much expected from the qb position with one more down to be able to just hand off and not have to make things happen themselves and not as far to throw the ball with the less width of the field. One less player easier as well to keep track of especially on defense. One reason why maybe high schools and kids leagues should play with American rules, just plain simpler and easier. Warren Moon I remember saying Canadian football is tougher on the qb position without question. What is also strange is that the CFL teams have Americans at qb who haven't grown up with Candian rules. If you're going to play Canadian rules and employ Americans at the position and have a rule that is geared towards that with the exempt rule, then there is a disconnect here.

As far as flow of CIS games go, not sure what you mean by 'flow'. Flow doesn't have to mean long drives. Flow to me can mean a constant move to gain field position where you might punt 3-4 times in 7 minutes but the flow is actually quite there gradually gaining that field position. I do find this type of flow often more interesting than say a drive in American football where a team has the ball for 7-8 minutes and has managed to move the ball just some 30-40 yards and they still might not be in scoring position.

Because football is dying at the college level( if in fact it is ), it doesn't mean the death of the CFL. Many of us love CFL football but have NEVER cared about football at the college level.

years ago i was shocked when i saw someone on some tv show from the usa wearing a ticats jersey! i don't remember what show it was. it was a sitcom, possibly with james j bullock of "too close for comfort" fame. the show didn't go anywhere. i think that was the only episode i ever saw.

upping the canadian content to proper levels (85% or higher) would likely take care of a lot of that.

I think the original point of this thread has some truth.
I've been living in Taiwan now for almost 10 years and football over here is non-existent. ESPN Taiwan stopped broadcasting the Sunday night and Monday night games a couple years ago. People have no idea about football here.
There are a great many Asian students that go to Canada to study and they don't watch or care about football.
Baseball and basketball are the sports here. Jamie Wang, the pitcher for the Yankees is like a god here. We get every Yankess game on TV. Yao Ming for the Houston Rockets is another huge player in terms of fan interest.
Unless the NFL starts getting some Asian players there will be no one from Asia following pro football let alone something like the CIS.
I like CIS and they do play some decent football but with the Canadian University enrollment gaining more and more foreign students it's easy to understand why fan interest is waning.
And Canadian Univerities like foreign students because their enrollment fees are significantly higher than what Canadians pay

it would help if they allowed a significant number of cis players into the pros.

Just where exactly do you think we get CANADIAN football players to play in your beloved CFL?

Probably some people only like the CFL because of the American players. Sad but true.

I KNOW where they come from, but thanks for the sarcasm just the same.

I'm with Tigershark. I've never cared all that much for Canadian college football, but have always loved the CFL and it's Canadian players.

One doesn't have to follow the CIS to appreciate Canadian football players.

You may now resume the snarky sarcasm.