The "Dean" of Defence Back

OR the BC players were not offered as much to play in Hamilton
OR Hamilton had other plans acquiring different players

Maybe as a safety, but he has lost a lot of weight.

They were lucky to get him back
Edmonton seems to like to steal our linebackers
Dean came down a lot on his asking price
He knew the market wasn’t there that’s the only reason he’s here

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Welcome back Onknight . As for Dean, watch the Esk-Cat playoff game .
He disappeared ! He wasn’t on pass coverage and he didn’t tackle anybody.

Nobody in the league was willing to sign him, so we got him at a bargain price. I hope I’m wrong but we need LOTS of competition at MLB . May the best man win !

Pay Lynch (the old guy)

Well the 2019 Ti-Cat defenders who were free agents didn’t have any problem at all re-signing to play for Coach Washington.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for the response.

Hmmmm. Looks like there are some mixed feelings about this signing…to quote Obie “better is better”. Time will tell after training camp and beyond!

As for stopping Andrew Harris and the Winnipeg run game, tough task for most teams as Harris has been one of the BEST in many years…usually takes more than the guys in the middle to bring him down

I have heard it said by Just In dunk. That last year that as these players were signing for these very big contracts.
That Management was under the impression that the new cba would have negotiated for a much more substantial rise in the salary cap.
Where those higher salaries would fit into the salary cap.
But that didn’t happen. And we are seeing the ramifications in this off season.

Now for guys like Dean who did make 210K last year. Dropping down to a whopping 110K this year.
If you combine that like a two year contract.
That’s 320K over two seasons.

And with the increase in minimum salaries Dean is hovering not too much above that for this coming season.