The "Dean" of Defence Back

I have been attending CFL games for some time and became a season seat holder in 97. Our league is fast paced with a 20 second clock, which can be a challenge to play defence. The athleticism of Larry Dean and his ability to be in the right place has always been impressive to me. This player excelled immediately playing with 12 guys, on a wider field and with all the motion. Larry is a great player and nice guy! So happy he is back in the Hammer.

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Hopefully he stops the run up the middle . I didn’t see much difference between him and Tuggle .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

I have seen this a couple of times. Just ok against the run…WHAT???
Dean is on a whole different level than Tuggle.

Larry Dean is a 3 time divisional All Star, All American 100 tackle MLB with a non stop motor and top football IQ.

Tuggle is just a guy that went to university as a QB and switched over to D. He was a swiss army knife for the Argos and just ok for us. No comparison. NONE.

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Have to agree. Dean is on a whole different level than Tuggle.

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In regards to Larry Dean , I’ll quote the Zen Master from Charlie Wilson’s War

  • “We’ll see”.

Pat Lynch (a big fan of Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

“The proof in the pudding is in the eating”. Ancient proverb from Ancient Mike.

IMHO, Dean is a huge upgrade on Tuggle!
And at $110K he is an absolute steal!!! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Dean turned down $175K last season to go to EDM for rumoured $210K


Yup if the $110k is true Dean is the bargain of the year.

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Dean isn’t the cure for run defense but he makes us even harder to pass against

Jack Lambert is 67 years old . At 6’4" 220 he stopped the run . If we want to stop the Bomber run game, let’s sign toothless Jack who foamed at the mouth .

Maybe Dean and Tuggle fit the scheme that Washington wants to play but I want a traditional MLB who stops the run first and foremost . I hope we find
a guy like that . Who knows, maybe he’s already on the roster . Chris Frey or
Jeff Allison could be the answer . Here’s hoping .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

The 2020 TiCats starting Defence

Ja’Gared Davis, Ted Laurent, Dylan Wynn, Julian Howsare,
Simoni Lawrence, Larry Dean, Patrick Levels,
Delvin Breaux, Cariel Brooks, Tunde Adeleke, Rico Murray and Frankie Williams!



So in his 100 tackle season was Dean tackling only receivers?

Dude is outrageously good stopping the run. Very sure tackler. 5th in the league last year and 3rd in 2018.

And plug and play backups from Daley, David Dean, Ford, Mauldin, Courtney Stephen, Frey jr, Beverette.

Quite impressive.

Forgot Rolle

Watch the Cat-Esk playoff game again . Dean is either behind the play or being run over by our 3rd string QB Watford .
I want our Cats to do well . Obviously the Esks didn’t think Dean was the answer to their MLB problems. The fact that he signed here at such a discount, suggests there weren’t many other suitors out there for his services.
I hope I’m wrong but if nobody steps up to replace him, then how would fans feel about Simoni as our new MLB .

Pat Lynch (the big Steel Curtain fan)

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a la Ben Zambiasi per chance?

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Big Ben looks like he could still play and yes he is the mold for CFL MLBs.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Is it me our there has to be a reason/s why no BC defensive player has followed Mark Washington to the Hammer.

Does it really matter? Look at the guys we have signed - I don’t think anyone from BC would be an upgrade, TBH…


Actually it does matter if the team wants any continuity between players and coaches. Names like Aaron Grimes, Shawn Lemon and Micah Awe were coached by Washington.
So the players don’t want to play for Washington and Hamilton or Washington wasn’t enamoured with there play. Lots of players gravitate to their old coach because they both know where they fit or will fit on the team. Just saying…