The DB's

With the lost of two good DB's. What DB's do u think will step up and have a great season with the cats? Take a look at all the DB's and think about it. It is some DB's u never heard of, but i have googled them like Laroche Jackson, Lamont Reid, Marc Beswick, and a couple more and they may be the ones to keep and eye on :thup: !!

I think Jackson and Reid will be good standouts this season. Jackson never played at this level but he have ripped every arena league he have been in. He's also a good kick returner who led both leagues and I think he will do good this season. Reid is a very strong defensive back who can cover and has great speed. Ried played last season and did real good when is number was called. I think u will see one of the two if not both in the starting lineup this season.