The Day That Time Stood Still

Week 6

Riders in Montreal for the grudge match
Alouettes come out BIG in the first half
Offence sputters in the second
Everything points to a repeat of week one

Dying seconds of the game
Calvillo sidelined with a dislocated index finger
Alouettes up by 4 points
Riders need a touchdown with seconds to go

Then this little sequence
I wonder what would have happened if the Riders had won
In the last seconds of the game?
If anyone had noticed...that is.
(keep an eye on the clock) :(

INtriguant. Mais ça, c'est l'horloge de TSN. Qu'en était-il de celle sur le terrain?

oui exactement

I should have continued the clip....but the next play was whistled in
The clock started at 38 seconds and wound down normally without anyone
noticing anything at all.

I really was curious....while the oversight didn't affect the outcome of the game
If it had, and Durant's desperation "hail-mary" had worked
I wonder if we would have received another apology from the league
Like after that BC game

Might be worth keeping an eye on the clock in the future
I have noticed some minor fudge-ups along these lines
(clocks running on after whistles etc)
But this one really could have been disastrous


I take your point, Senior, that the CFL could do with an extra layer of monitoring from a central location. This is already the case for challenges by the coaches, or when the head referee requests an official review. Mind you, this system is not perfect, as there must be indisputable evidence which is not always clear from camera angles. Also, at least one team will be upset with whatever call is made.

However, no one want to see a game pass into the W or L column on a controversial call or non-call by the officials, and this includes the time-keeper. While an extra layer of monitoring may not be the ideal situation, it could help.