The Dancing Frog has Returned to Winnipeg!!

ok for those who aren't familiar with the Dancing Frog from Warner Bros...

he's the singing from who dances and sings for the guy who begins to dream about Millions of Dollars and wants to show him off to the public and to big producers.

but when he brings him out into action, he just sits there and goes "Ribbit!"..

well, this is Michael Bishop!!

They keep bringing him back because he is supposed to be this great QB yet when he plays he totally stinks the joint out and royally sucks.

But now everyone knows this.. but back in his Days when people actually believed he could do it, (IE 2008 Riders).. this was more the case.


I can't believe it, the Bombers have brought back Bishop... :lol: :lol: :lol:

he's being brought in on the practise roster.

I just spit out my cereals :lol: Welcome back Mike Bishop.

Hello my baby
Hello my honey

Expanded rosters, gotta love them.

Calgary had him around for what, a week? It was an emergency backup. You need a QB of some kind, and injuries are a problem right now.

Bishop makes 6 QB's on the roster, can never have too many I guess, especially the way the Bombers seem to lose them.

bishop is gettin a nice collection of jerseys with his name on it.

Winnipeg (twice).

FIve in the closet right now. i would love to see him in Edmonton colors next year. With K.J. Again. lol