The Damon Allen Challenge

How long will he last ?

I say 3 quarters where the Argos will be winning but Damon will get clobbered and put out of the game.

Just so you know, my sixth option was edited…lol.

I said whole game

I say he doesnt last a quarter..

To bad the argos did not have the balls tom tell him to retire and go home.

That man is a Hall of Famer. You don't just tell him to go home.

He should be mentoring the younger guys - which is what he doing - but he should only be on the field if absolutely necessary.

I'm afraid he'll get seriously injured and then be totally useless as a player.

I say they pull him after the first quarter.

I said two quarters. I think they'll let someone else start the second half.

Pinner, get your head out of your nether regions and bring on the Bishop if your Argos are going to have any chance of making some noise in the East this year.

…Pinball said after the game that Bishop is his starter next game…wise move…the kicker that came in for Prefontaine didn’t look too bad…i think the Argos might have dodged one there…otherwise i was surprised…they showed pretty good against the Cup champs of 06… :wink:

They showed a small clip during the game last night with Pinball saying they’d be trying different combinations at QB. Hopefully they get the situation sorted out soon.