The D will carry this team through the season

And all Evans needs to do is not lose games for us, which he doesn’t.

With a D this good, we only need a game managing QB. This will allow Evans to learn at his own pace. A luxury that few QB’s ever have.

7 sacks - 2 INT’s

The D, missing Breaux, Laurent & Tracy last night, dominated this game for the most part.

BC is a team desperate for a win. Although their record isn’t good, this is a game that in past years we would have lost.

Wondering if everyone who complained about last night’s win also complained about the GC win in '72.

This is the most gritty Ticat team I’ve seen since the 90’s.

2 intercepts in the end zone and 7 sacks highlights a big play defence . Our young men had a great night !

Three starters out of the game ( Tasker , Laurent, and Tracy ) and the team overcomes . Well done !

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

D is playing great! Along with ST, are more than making up for our offence as Evans is developing.

I do still think our run defence is suspect. White got injured yesterday and no doubt other teams will exploit this.

Hoping for 9-2!

I believe BC is better than Toronto and Ottawa…but that’s just me

Nah, not just you.

Ottawa is lost offensively & hiring Paopao spells the end of their season. Toronto is marginally better, decent defensively, but their O needs a spark, which Collaros “might” provide them.

BC has decent personnel, but suspect coaching.

If we win the Grey Cup by a score of 6-3, I will be happy but kind of embarrassed. And it will be almost universally condemned as the most boring Grey Cup in decades.

So nobody’s missing the Glanville cowboy hat and sunglasses thing?

Post of the year candidate in the humour category Mods.

I’d still take it. This team reminds me of the defensive-minded teams of the mid-80s that went to three straight Grey Cups.

  1. With all due respect to the injured D Linemen that were unable to play last night, from what I witnessed from this game, was that the replacement players played even better than the regulars !!

That front 4 was just completely dominating, as was that ferocious pass rush :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How do you take any of those guys out, for the next game, regardless if one of the injured guys is ready to return ::slight_smile:

As a former safety in the CIS I love a good defensive battle, and would happily take a 6-3 win. The Canadian game isn’t exactly known for stingy defenses, so when they come along like the 2019 Ticats, I really appreciate them.

Here’s an interesting stat comparison. The Lions O-line gave up 7 sacks in one game last night, and the Ticat O-line in both 1998 and 1999 only gave up 7 all season.

I’ll take it and wear boring beige to the celebration…

Add masoli,breaux,Mathews and erlington to that list


Take a 1-0 Grey Cup final score for the Cats!!

20 year drought - who gives a damn!

Keep in mind that BC has the worst offensive line I may ever have seen in the CFL. Nevertheless the replacements did a great job last night. It’s good to know we have such depth.

The line Collaros dealt with was horrendous.

With Hamilton?