The D LIne

Our front 4 is not getting enough pressure on the QB's

I mentioned this to some friends the other day. We need better production from the DL, especially DE’s. We have 15 sacks on the year, 7 from LB’s, 3 from DE’s, 4 from DT (Teddy), and 1 from a DB.

If our pass rush improves, our D will be the best in the league.

Our DBs and LBs appear to be carrying the weight - and doing a good job of it the last two weeks.

I miss the D-Line of the 2014/15 season, but I don’t miss the constant crisis the DBs were in the Austin era.

Hickman, Hall, Norwood - I loved those guys!

Adrian has one sack this season.
Last year he had 1 sack through the first 9 games of the season and ended up with 8 additional sacks in his last 7 games played.
Tracy had a very good second half last year production wise. We need him to get back to that level.

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So far in my opinion, the Defensive Ends have not produced enough hurry’sor sacks. Very suprised there is no DElisted to challenge the group we have. J. Westerman has not produced anything to speak of. Are we waiting for the NFL cuts or are they satisfied with their current line play?

I don’t get it either. Westerman, Tracy and Cappicotti have all had double digit sack seasons in the past. Give Howsare and McGough some more reps.

Gotta start thinking that it might be something in the defensive schemes that may be causing this.

I’m noticing the line backers are dropping into short coverage a lot this season which takes pressure off opposing O Lines.

It might be they’re figuring taking away receivers is better than pressuring the QB.

Even if he’s got 5 seconds to throw, if he’s got no open targets he’ll start getting jumpy and make poor decisions.

Glanville said in the interview posted today that the pressure and sack stats are misleading as the other teams are getting the ball away very quick in order to counter our pressure and as a result we have the lowest passing yards against per pass in the league. He said that is just as valuable as sacks.

Thanks for posting, makes sense.