The D ick Pounds the CFL

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Well here we are ironcially rather quickly but this was only a matter of time. Some may overlooked conveniently from the story below that he was a team doctor with the Argos. "Nothing to see here in Canada though" some seemed to retort.

Key excerpt from the story:

Galea became the focus of authorities' attention last September when his assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was stopped at the border in Buffalo with a small quantity of human growth hormone and vials of "foreign homeopathic drugs."

The doctor was arrested in Canada on Oct. 15 after a search warrant was executed at the Institute of Sports Medicine Health and Wellness Centre in Toronto and charged with selling actovegin, conspiracy to import an unapproved drug, conspiracy to export a drug and smuggling goods into Canada.

Some of you may not have heard yet via TSN this somewhat breaking news as developed from the story below that Dr. Galea of the Argos has been charged with a federal crime in the US for distribution of HGH.

I can already hear at least one person perhaps saying when reading the above, "But they are not saying he did anything for the CFL! I need more evidence! Still there is no drug problem in the CFL!" :thdn:

No worries I bet now they'll find enough now with further cooperation of Canadian law enforcement as if such evidence for sake of the CFL were even in legitimate question! :roll: It'll be interesting to see however if a blind eye is even attempted to be turned on the matter in Toronto now, but in the meantime the Argos do have a new PR issue to address as likely will the league. :frowning:

Not that this means all of the players in the CFL are clean but I don’t think CFL players ANY of them could afford Galea’s services…

During that time, he billed three football players about $200,000, Hochul said.
That's the same stuff Stallone was arrested in Melbourne with. He had $300 000.00 of HGH for self administration for his two month moviw shoot ! The stuff is incredibly expensive at 250.00 to 1500.00 a day and has not been proven to be effective.

Very interesting charges here. They claimed he lied to FBI but he’s a doctor so Doctor client priviledge is protected. Traffic of UNAPROVED substance. What the hell does that mean LOL!

Poor Tiger, he was just trying to give all these women a little more of himself… :wink:

BS it costs that. Cops pull numbers out of their ass when they talk about how much drugs are worth. LMAO

six units a day at 150.00/unit x 50 day cycle = 45 000.00 per cycle for the real stuff.

Look it up...

and yes Stallone's stash was "street value" but it isn't stuff a typical CFL'er can afford.