The D has got to get it done...

It's September that mean it's football season.

A - We need to start getting some real attendance!

B - The D has been pretty good this year. Good enough to win some games without the help of our O.... Now's the time to get real stingy.

C - The Joseph to Ranek short passing game needs to be fruitfull.

D - The running game needs to get going.

The Winnipeg game is a must win. And not a win by an inch be a decisive victory.

I hope Ottawa is able to get over its loss to the Leos last Thursday. I’d hate to see a team with the potential of the Renegades get sidelined by one bad loss.

if the Gades D can rebound and shut down Kevin Glenn, then Ottawa will win. Winnipeg, since Rust left, has had all kinds of problems on defence, and a team with a double-running threat (Joseph & Ranek) can wreak havoc and dominate the line of scrimmage. But special teams has to step up for Ottawa. They were responsible for 14 of those points B.C. scored last week and that's unforgivable. Players have to make their tackling assignments speedily and efficiently, or else Keith Stokes is going to make them pay. On the flip side, Matt Kellett has GOT to have better protection on his kicks. Washington came through absolutely untouched last week, which shouldn't happen. Winnipeg is going to be desperate for a win so the Gades will have to play with intensity for 60 minutes if they want the 2 points.

Good points discipline...

Ottawa now has to play desperate football and fall football is all about gang tackling!

On special teams need to be a factor for Ottawa as opposed against Ottawa!

Special teams need all the help they can get.


get lost unrealriders