My only thought is why bother bringing all this talent only to cut them all ? I mean Barbers is a good a db as we have and Guardner is a great reciever as josue and marshall are at linebacker . In coach Marshall's defence I guess he kept cavil over Guardner and brooks and d'amour over the other two linebackers mentioned . I would not be suprised to see Gurdner snapped up by another CFL team . In my mind Guardner got screwed, i mean what else did he have to do ? maybe Marshall figured he'd be less likely to get picked up then a CAVIL .

Gardener looked pretty good to me in the game in Toronto. Maybe he will resurface later.

Im hoping Talman Gardner gets put on the practice roster. i thought he was great at camp as well as yesterdays game.


Most of these guys will be back, though hopefuly not in an Argo Uniform!

The coaches make their best decisions, based on very personal and professional observation and assessment of "team chemistry"...granted that sometimes they are right and sometimes wrong.

But lets go with the coaching staff we have here, and simply hope our "cuts" are still available, should anyone selected not prove up, or worse yet, be injured...

Big Mistake Letting Gardener Go..:thdn:
IMO he was Better then CAVIL

Yeah, count ME IN the "Talman got !@#$!" camp ... I would have kept him over Lezi ... why keep so many RB's ??

I was also surprised at the Josue cut.

This is clearly the LOYALTY YEAR for the Hamilton boys. No doubt they deserve it, they must be the happiest kids in Canada.


Dunno, but the exposure of the new offensive game plan of next Saturday might tell a lot as to why all the RB's versus receivers.

Sure and I believe Hitch and MM will hold the job an extra year for being "Hometown players", but they are hardly beyond being effective, so lets give that a rest! You might have that argument for Kojo, ut this year seems to be the year he has to break out and "do something", and with Radlein in front of him, this calls for an injury to Radlein and some pretty impressive performance...

As in any "divorcing" its terribly hard to split every sardine exactly down the backbones, but we are fans and the ones going out and "doing it" are professionals, so we get to wait it out and see where it all far, its looking terribly positive!

Lezi or Kojo will probably be cut, Lezi was hurt so he can go on the injured reserve.

kojo isnt going anywhere. he showed he can run at the end of last year and in camp this year.

id like to see garner back with the cats, thats bs that he gets cut.. did u see his moves off that mass almosy sack, pass n run. it was solid, dont question his skills. bring talman back!!!

i agree i really hope they put him on this develomental roster or what ever its called where the pereson cant be stolen from because hes got tallent.

i agree i really hope they put him on this develomental roster or what ever its called where the pereson cant be stolen from because hes got tallent.
Players on the developmental practice squad can be signed by other teams at anytime. As for the suggestion made by some that Gardner got "Sc***wed," I have to disagree. The guy got a fair bit of prime time playing action, with the first unit. He impressed, and I also was a bit surprised, but clearly Coach's Marshall and Paopao like Peterson, Quinnie and maybe Ralph as the wide outs. Cavil, Yeast, Morreale are all slot receivers. And you don't cut a Canadian fullback to keep an American wide receiver. Anyway, if the guy is that good, he will play in this league. For now I respect the Coaching decisions.

you have to have Canadians playing somewhere , so what iimport would you sit out so Gardener can play ?

i woulda picked garner over quinnie..

Where does this "he got cut, therefore screwed by the club" argument come from?

Players are invited to training camp with an opportunity to make the team. If they don't make the team for whatever reason they are free to apply their trade anywhere else they want. Would it be better if the club didn't have a competition for positions during camp?

These whiny bourgeois protests are really lame. We are all free to choose, live by our decisions, accept consequences, and achieve personal fulfillment. Blaming "the Man" everytime something doesn't go your way won't help anything.

I’m surprised we lost gardner and kept quinnie. We even kept Morreale!!! I was hoping Gardner we stick he looked solid every time he was out there.

I agree with the sentiment of this, if not the wording. Whiny bourgeois? In Hamilton?? :lol:

The coaches had some tough decisions to make this year. That says a lot about the type of organization that is being built. In past years it seemed easier to let go of the people who were cut.

If you want a championship calibre team, you have to accept that some quality players may not stick around.

the choice appears to be: quinnie over gardner...that seems surprising given gardner's strong could be that quinnie can also return kicks, along with holmes,and play special teams..are the starting receivers flick, peterson, vaughan and yeast? With cavil, quinnie, morreale and ralph coming in as backups and multi-receiver sets?

I can't see Ralph in the role of a backup. He's starting material, to be sure.

I don't know why everyone seems to be dissing Quinne, believe me, this guy is one hell of a player. Not only a great wide receiver, but also excellent kick returner.

The one guy I thought should have made it was Ian Fleming. He looked solid in both preseason games. Good hands and good speed.
I can see someone picking him up. :cowboy:

just my 2 cents worth :cowboy: