The Curse

With all this talk about Riders in the Grey Cup etc since Joseph came into the fold, you have to remember, the Riders are cursed.

To prove it, you would only need to dress the entire Edmonton Eskimo roster in Rider uniforms and they'd lose. Year after year after year.

I know it's not fair, but it's just the way it is. The world will simply not turn the other direction. The Riders HAVE to lose to maintain balance in the World Order.

Sure, there have been victories, but those are only bones the World Order of Curses throws their way just to keep the curse alive. Without the Riders, there's no curse. :twisted:

oh, c'mon, they won in 1989, that not quwhite 1916 you know :wink:

right red sox fans?

oh, c'mon, they won in 1989, that not quote 1916 you know

Yeah, that's one of those bones.....a 9-9 team wins the championship? Where's the dominance 14-4, 13-5, for four running years?

saying a team is cursed is actually just a way to say the team sucks!

That'd be another way, yes.

so does that mean the bombers are cursed then?

sambo shut up already :lol: bombers are better than riders.

No way man !

Like I said before!

It is always someone elses fault!

It's the curse of #23. Since the teams conceptiion, it has been 23 years between Grey Cup victories. Only 6 more years to go. YAY!

if any team should have a cruse on them, it's EE! :lol:

I feel like coking one up right now! who is with me?

cocking one up? i dont even want to know wth that means.....

I think he said coking one up,,not cocking..
I don't think he's gay..can't really tell..his spelling throws me off...
May be he's a drug addict....or he's re sealing his

If any team is cursed I think its the NHL's Leafs..... Harold Ballard is still at the controls even from beyond the grave......

Some say they see him panhandling on young street...late at night..for nickles..
I say the Ballard curse is on ....Leafs are Cup...

I'm crusing EE, BC, and Hamilton

EE: will not win the GC untill they have there chreleader team named the Energy

BC: will not win the GC untill they are the Vancouver Lions

Hamilton: no GC untill they bring back their old logo, Tigger the Tiger

they can make the playoffs and make it to the GC game, but no more winning. MHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Thank goodness you only put a crus on us. :slight_smile:

I'd be really, really, worried if it was a curse! :roll: