The Curse!

Well Bomber fnas I hate to do this to you. Every time I pick the Bombers to win they fall flat on their faces. Well I am picking the Bomber to win and really I hope they do. But history is history. I picked the bombers to win here is the record
Picked them 15 times losses 15 times over the years. Sad but true. :frowning:

…red …did you pick the BigBlue in the Cup yr…you know the one the Bombers were supposed to win and the stamps stole …i got a hunch you bet on the Blue…how else can you explain it…curses…
…tomorrow we break the curse… :wink: :thup:

I hope so those green guys need to be taught a lesson. And your our only hope OBEEWAN KANNOOBE!

....teach them a lesson we did my son.....we exacted some revenge for the Labour Day loss...and should be ready for Printers and the Cats on Sat.goBigBlue

well Red the curse is broken
don't worry be happy the bombers in the cup this year and will bring it back here

Sorry 05, but I think the Bombers lopsided win is going to fire up the Riders. Could be a long day for the Stamps.

What you are buying a bombers cup for your coffee? Yes it appears the curse is broken.

I doubt that your team exposed many weak areas of their game. They better patch it up.

...especially a weakness in one of their top receivers knees.....ouch.... sorry bout' that ..don't like to kid about injuries...they can happen to any team and when it happens to star just takes away from the game...Anyway my better get 'revved'up for the Riders....i think we made them a little snarly..... :wink: :lol: something like putting a stick in a wasps nest, and stirring the hell out of it... :rockin:

Double Blue > Blue

You been picking them to win since 1990? That's the last time they won anything.