The Curse

Far be it from me to give credit to the CBC, but kudos to Mark Lee. He is one of the crappiest play-by-play guys on any network, but half way through the 4th quarter...he gained some credibility.

He mentioned that the Cats were "Cursed".

Indeed they are, and they will continue to be until our Caretaker answers the angry Gods, and lifts the ban on the forbidden chant.

The only other way for the Cats to be freed of The Curse is to endure a season with a record of 3:15. Looks like we are track for this one.

How sad would it be for Rocky Butler to come into Ivor Wynne and whip us on Labour Day?

I couldn't agree more about the "forbidden chant". And while he's at it he might as well change the logo back to the old one.

Since both of those were changed the Ti-Cats have gone 10-34.

I would say that it is all due to, astrologically speaking, being born under a bad sign, but I am a Capricorn, and Capricorns don't believe in astrology.

Maybe a comprimise, could the chant be ok'd in just the adult section? Maybe we could at least get a tie then :roll:

The chant must go then, If the Football gods want it gone, then we must do as they say.

Do you honestly think the logo has anything to do with anything? Its a logo… it has no bearing on how well the guys execute.

I think the old logo is ugly compared to the new one.

Just as "sad" as Calvillo treating us like practice players and Marcus Brady scoring touchdowns against us.


Todays Toronto Star is asking what is wrong with the Argos.

Clemons is loath to use injuries as an excuse.

"It can become a destraction "

"You get to the point where you're not doing what you're supposed to do or working with what you have because you're worrying about what you don't have"

"We just have to find a way"

Well the CFL found a way for the Argos to get back on track , they play us the next two games home and home.

Heres hoping we can knock them off Labour Day least.

Then we can all chant the forbidden chant and hope

beyond hope to end the curse and blow away the Argos

and the dark cloud.....

Not that I'm superstious ...

Considering the theme of this thread, that is the funniest comment I have seen in a long time.

Well it wasn't Butler, but Bishop.

The Curse is real. Bob can change this. Free us. Or look forward to perpetual futility unless a TICATS 3:15 season happens.

It really does seem like we are cursed. After all the changes of the last few years, I feel like no matter what we change, we will end up with a bad team. That's a curse in my books. I don't think Bob will ever break it by retracting his criticism of the forbidden chant, but I hope he does.


The chant is ok but you can only say Argoooooos out loud, the remainder you have to spell so the kids don't hear it.

Either way neither the CATS or the Argooooooos are going to make the playoffs.


8) The sad truth is that it is not the Argos that s...k !!!!! But I sure know what team does !!!!