The Curse Was not the Name Change

It was Jonathan Rose.

No Edmonton player is permitted to wear number 0. The Elks broke the rule. Why? Not sure, but one could bet the farm that if they had not terminated Mandrusiak, he would have stopped Rose from wearing number 0.

I agree with the title, but not the reasoning. I compared the 2019 Elks roster to the 2021 Elks roster.
Played in Edm in 2019 and 2021: 18 players
Played in Edm in 2019 and other CFL teams in 2021: 20 players
Retired: 3 players
Didn't play in 2021: 21 players (Some could have retired)

The fact that only 29% of the 2019 team came back, tells me that this is a rookie team for no matter what the reasons were. I look at Winnipeg and Hamilton, and I can name half the team off the top of my head. I had to take a roster list in order to identify the Edmonton team at the games I went to.