The Curse of the Caretaker

Lost to many CFL fans - thanks to the Bombers pathetic streak of 27 years without a Grey Cup - is the Ticats record-long streak of 17 seasons without so much as a Grey Cup victory. At no time in the team's history, even going as far back to the team's origins as the Hamilton Tigers, has the team had such a long Grey Cup drought. It is no coincidence that this streak essentially coincides with the ownership tenure of one Bob Young.

The worst era in team history (2003 - 2008)
Changing coaches as quickly as the owner changes his socks
The debacle that was the stadium location debate, threats of relocation and the ongoing structural problems which continue to this very day.
Only two seasons with 10 wins since 2002

All this has happened under Young's ownership.

Clearly this team is cursed. While Young might have saved the Ti-Cats from financial ruin, the team has experienced incredibly underwhelming results during his tenure. Rest assured this team will not win a Grey Cup with Young as owner.

Ahem, The Last Word channeling Ronald Reagan, " Mr. Young, please sell this team!" :cowboy:

If it wasn't for Bob Young there wouldn't even be a Hamilton Tiger- Cats.

Please describe in detail how he was responsible for what happened with the stadium. Cause i remember it very differently. Seem to remember it was city council that was to blame for that foolishness. He protested against putting it on the west harbor and with good reason. THAT would have been a serious problem.

As for the success of the team, I again ask you to outline what he should have done differently before he hired Austin. Who was available as GM, coach and quarterback that we missed out on.

Now I agree that there were tons of issues, don't get me wrong. But the problems were at every level. The entire organisation was a mess and it was a mess that Young inherited.

I guess he should have made sure Zach didn't hurt his knee. Or he should have taken over city council by force or something.

If you're going to level foolish accusations like that you're going to have to provide a bit more evidence to back up your words

Bob Young? Caretaker Bob?? Really?!?

I will trade your owner for ours in the time it takes Usain Bolt to spint 5 metres.

They have a new stadium and are financially viable for the first time in a very long time.
The on-field success will surely come ( they did make the grey cup game twice during Young's tenure).

The last word is the lost fool

Sometimes, yes. Me thinks he's just trying to stir the pot.

I guess, a collective series of Ottawa owners were cursed until last yewr then. Mr. Young is not perfect, it it wasn't for him their Grey Cup drought would be permanent.

Considering they won a Grey Cup with Harold Ballard as an owner, I would take the curse if I was a Ti-Cats fan. If it ended for the Cubs, it will end for the Ti-Cats on day.

Things were so great in 2003, the last season before Young bought the team. Who can forget a glorious 1-17 season? As well as yet another brush with death for the team - at least the third or fourth since the 1980s. Young took all that away from us! Curses, indeed!

Don’t give the Last Word the satisfaction, guys. Just let the thread die.

"What ya gotta do", Win, Mike is Watching

"Every time we have not won the Grey Cup, I could hear Mike in my ear saying, 'What Ya Gotta Do?' "

You see, Bob Young really doesn't own the team, his deceased brother Mike who had severe learning disabilities owns the team which was bought with Mikes money, Bob is the Caretaker of the team for Mike.

There is no curse, far from it, there is an angel watching over this team and hopefully one day they will win it for Mike.

[i]Michael Young died in 2002 at the age of 53 and, a year later, Bob Young bought the Tiger-Cats in his brother's memory and, essentially, with the money he'd left him. Be assured his insistence on the title "caretaker" rather than "owner" derives in large part from Michael's example and his passion for the Cats.

Today, there is a small sign near the exit of the Ticats' makeshift locker-room in Guelph that reads simply, "Win. Mike's Watching."[/i]

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Once again, the last word is the wrong word. This is what happens when somebody living god-knows-where tries to comment on local developments. I highly doubt the stadium issues are part of a curse of Mr Young. As far as coaches go, Austin is in 5th year. Young publicly took full blame for some of the other personnel decisions, how many other owners invite that type of potential criticism?

Time for your next troll, Lost Word


This is the best thread in months! Johnny could have easily written this post!

Young injected cash into the team to save them. Yes, he merits admiration for that; and that only. The Ticats have struggled on the field during his ownership. Tons of coaching changes and high priced free agents that were a failure.

There is no curse. He is simply a bad owner. :cowboy: [/i]

Bad owner? Not a chance.

Uneducated? That's a better description.

But he's always been transparent, available and communicative.

He finally made a good choice with Obie and I'm thinking he learned a lot from Bob O. He's got good people in the right places now

Well you would be wrong on that. Young was the foolish one. It was city council that was paying the freight, and Young should have accepted it graciously, but no, he had to throw a tantrum, made a bunch of silly demands and ended up with an inferior stadium at an inferior site.

Have you gone down to where they wanted it in the west harbour? It's a series of single lane two way streets that feed single lane one way streets.

Not to mention the remediation that would have had to take place on the land.

If it had been put there, we'd still be trying to get out of the lot from the stadium opening game

Let's not open the stadium debate again, but. ...................the old IWS site was selected because it was the ONLY site that could be ready in time given the timelines by the Pan Am committee.
The West Harbour would have been locked into environmental reviews, OMB reviews, Zoning reviews and there was the threat of local resident challenges in court that may have delayed it for years. Parking problems, access to the site no transportation in place etc

The old site was already approved, zoned and plumbed, drainage, electric etc and ready with transportation already in place.
Because the stadium was funded mainly by the provincial government and the province managed the construction for the Pan Am games, the timelines were tight, it was - " build it by these dates or lose funding".
It was up to the city to select a site that was approved for a stadium and they only had one site that met the timelines.

no one who lives in the city, and is not a james st north millennial, wanted the stadium at west harbour.

would have been great by the waterpark on the qew.

the existing location was the 2nd best location.

bob young is a hero in Hamilton.

if you're reading this mr young, THANK YOU !!!

Yes, but the waterpark area would have been a nightmare to get to. One single land road going in from the beach strip area? probably needed a major highway interchange put in. No bus service in that area, no parking except for possibly the other side of the QEW with a pedestrian walkway. It couldn't have worked.

This exactly ^^^^^
and it was only approved in the last few days before the expiry of the 3rd and final drop dead date issued by Pan AM or the Stadium would have had to be built in another City.

:thup: The existing location is iconic in many respects due to history alone.

What is most unfortunate though, in the city of Hamilton, are politicians that have a smugness about them where they weren't able to engage open communication with the Tiger-Cats for whatever reason. I don't get how politicians didn't seem to want open communication with the Cats on the stadium issue, boggles the mind. And we are seeing this with the LRT, a much bigger and costlier venture. Hamilton city council is dysfunctional and has lacked leadership in so many ways.

West Harbour, my guess, probably would have been "capped" on the cheap and a much bigger problem with toxic soil and further down into the soil would have surfaced, if you will, not long after creating a nightmare. I think it was fortunate the stadium never was built there. That site needs to be properly cleaned with no timelines, it just needs to be done correctly once and for all.