The curse of the Calgary owners

No owner of the stamps has ever owned the team for more then one grey cup. Sig was close but sold the team to the f-group during the season. so the f-group grey cup barely counts. Larry r won in 92. The new group in 08. Sig Won in 98. And I'm think it was community owned in 48 and 71. Hopefully the forzani group can change that... Or maybe hellard stepping down will allow us to win another one under this group.

Actually you are incorrect. Sig didn’t sell the team until after the '01 GC, they had the appeal of being champions, so there is no curse.

according to the book "Go Stamps Go" sig had sold the team during the season. during the grey cup game, the federiks were there. He ever takes partial reposnsiblity for the stamps winning the 01 grey cup.