The curse of Sudsy????

I say let's break the curse bring him back!

If he'd be willing, in a heartbeat, I say, sitting in my Sudsy shrine. LOL.

Less Browne if not.

Dave Easley in a pinch.

Deke McPhee if he is available in the offseason (he is currently coaching in college ball)

Arcinia Arenas (Zeke's mom -- a former linebacker) since she could at least get a play in to her boy. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And finally, my sentimental choice, Rita Moreno! ;)

Oski Wee Wee,

I belive this to be true, when Sudsy was a guest coach during the ex games we WON!. So I say bury the egos, bring him in to help this young defence. Bob get invovled in this I understand that you have football people to run the show, but it's your money. Bring Sudsy back NOW.

Don't hold your breath... Sudsy is not coming back, so long as Lancaster is still around.
So, either make Lancaster coach again (won't happen, 'cause HE doesn't want it), & forget about Sudsy; OR fire Lancaster (again, won't happen) to hire Sudsy.
Either way, it does not look like it will happen.
The Eagle - - - :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sudsy Is the Best D cordinator in my time. And I would welcome him back with open arms. We could definatly use a coordinator with CFL EXPERIENCE. 1-10 there is no excuse why are assistant coaches still have jobs.

Hiring a coach right outta highschool is blasephemy. Worst move we made all season. No offence to the guy or to coach Taafe but that is wow.

What waist of news Print
curse LOL there no Such Things.

Sudsy left no doubt he blames Lancaster for the team's current state by his comment about poor player personnel decisions. I agree completely.

Lancaster is an egomaniac. He refused to accept that Marcus Brady couldn't do the job because he acquired him. That stance crippled the team's development. People forget that Toronto gave Hamilton the choice between Brady and Bishop in that trade, and Lancaster made the wrong choice and got fleeced.

He felt slighted after the 1 and 17 year and was pissed that he was bumped upstairs. Then he did all he could to undermine Greg Marshall, and did nothing to find a decent QB to replace McManus.

Lancaster had a good run, but this team needs some serious karma and having Ron "I'm the greatest" Lancaster involved doesn't help. Only his severance will lift the curse.

Hwy do you people have keep picking this man
He work for Business Side now .
He no say no Player Personal Matters at all.

Cut Ronnie some Slack.


"I had talked to Bob Young and (COO) Rob Katz before the holidays and I knew I wasn't going to be involved in the football end of things," he said. "When Rob took over as general manager (in 2005), I didn't make football decisions any more. So nothing changed."

Lancaster said he understands that the club's new leaders – GM Marcel Desjardins and coach Charlie Taaffe – would want to start with a clean slate.

"I'm a believer in the theory that if you want me to cook, let me buy the groceries. The head coach has to have the final say in the on-field product. And so I don't know if I would have fit in there or if Charlie would have wanted me in there." [url=] ... =lancaster[/url]

These two links deal with the revisionist history being spun here. Nice try.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) I talked to Sudsy at the Hall of Fame game here last weekend, and he said NO, he has no interest in coming back to full time coaching at all !!!! So, forget about him returning !!!!

As I have gleaned from comments he made last year, Tipper. It would be great to have him back, but I do think that train left the station a while ago.

Less Browne would be my first choice as a new DC.

Oski Wee Wee,

A BIG your welcome to Scott Radley for being inspired to write about a competing Curse.

The past few seasons should make the Lancaster bashers step back and examine things......he won when he had players. He won 4 games last year when we my a worse mess with less talent than we have now. He coached a team with no money and no football staff and he may well have saved football in this city.......

To think how many trees had to die for Radley's usual diatribe on the Cats.

Sudsy's defences though good, were never great. We gave up way too many big plays every game and the worse part of all....


Explain how we lost to Calgary because of Sudsy?

And they did lead the league in overall defence in 98 and 99. And we didn't lose the 98 grey cup we just ran out of time.


We went into a prevent defence with less than two minutes left...and a lead.

Calgary came down and managed to kick a game winning field goal. We didn't run out of time, we ran out of smart defence.

The only thing the prevent defence winning.

It's the only time I would ever call Sudsy out on his playcalling. I agree. But be clear: prevent defences were not his m.o. as a playcaller. It was a situation where conservatism in approach came back to bite us.

Oski Wee Wee,

I would love to see Sudsy back, but I think there is no chance. What about giving Hitch a shot? He played under Sudsy, so maybe he could bring back some kick ass defence to this team