The Curse of Dylan!!!

Mired in a five game losing streak, the brain-trust of the Hamilton Tiger Ctas move our own, Dylna Atack over to the bench of the Calgary Stampeders...currently on a four game winning streak.

The result....

Dylan is currently on a 6 game losing streak.

Great work buddy. :wink:

They have awesome words for Dylan over on the Stamps site too.

Makes us all proud (of you). :thup:

Maybe he'd like to help out the Riders next game. lol.

He's a great kid and I would normally disown him for switching sides like that, but I'll let it go this one time.

haha,yes i was the hero,who wants to start a fan club for Dylan?

Go to your room now, you little scamp.

Sleep it off. You have had too much to drink.

So when are you moving to calgary?LOL

Nice job Dylan. I am member No.1 of the Dylan Atack Fan Club.