The Crowd Will Side with Ott

If last year was any indication, the stadium will be rockin with OTT.

I was at the 2014 GC and the crowd was mostly for the Cats.

The rest of the West hated us. There was even shirts for sale " Anybody But Calgary "

The underdog is always the fan fave. Unless there is a flood of EE fans, the Pegers and rest of the country will adopt the RB's.

I will just take this moment to speak on behalf of them :


I think a win for Ottawa will hurt the franchise off the field. They need more anticipation. 2 years is too fast. Let it simmer and build for a couple more years then win the Big Prize.

Ottawa has had 34 years of anticipation.

But only 2 with the RedBlacks. Let them lose a close one and then win next year or in 2017. That is the best case scenario from a business point of view.

I just do not see why a win now would be a bad thing.

I know what you are saying " to much - to fast " However, it is not always a negative.

Does make sense in a way. The Colorado Avalanche went from a team with good attendance to a team near the bottom of the league in attendance after just a couple bad years. They were a fanbase that was spoiled from the start. Albeit they won more than just their first year, it was like 10 great years.

Yes I do see the downside of peaking too fast. But this can also be a opportunity long term.

If they peak faster than expected, they'll regress faster too. That time of regression will test the staying power of the franchise. Once that happens along with getting past their 1sr GC hosting year (assuming 2017) , they can shush the nay sayers faster too.

Saying that, I'm rooting for the Esks tomorrow

I'm not sure how I feel about all that. 34-year build up is true to some, but certainly not all since many of the fans aren't even that old.

I think a lot of people got hooked because they enjoy the in-stadium atmosphere and through the team's presence in the community. If they were to drop to, say, 7-8 wins next year, so long as the games are entertaining and the organization remains fan friendly, I wouldn't expect a huge drop off in interest.

Who says they will be in the cup final ? The only reason they made it this year was a Collaros freak injury and a 1 in 100 hail mary .

I know where you're coming from Kevin but I don't think a Grey Cup victory is going to hurt the franchise. From a marketing perspective: "Ottawa Redblacks, Home of the 2015 Grey Cup Champions!" Has a nice ring to it I'd say. [no pun intended].
Imagine the increase in player jersey sales and new Grey Cup Championship jerseys being rolled out. In sports, a team has to strike while the iron is hot cause the team never knows when it will get another chance.

No reason why this cannot be the start of "dynasty" for Ottawa. I think we are all a little shocked that a team could go from 2-16 last year to first place and a Grey Cup appearance the very next year but it has happened and the team didn't come in through the back door. If they win the Grey Cup this year that would be great in my opinion. Next year will be whole new season. Fans love a winner.

I don't think it will hurt the franchise if they win - but in some ways I do understand the too soon - too easy argument. On the other hand MUCH of the reason they are in the Grey Cup game is Burris - and at his age - can he have another season like this? Is a return to the Grey Cup game two years from now that likely?

I know Ottawa hasn't won as a city for years but this IS only the 2nd year for this expansion team. They have to consider themselves very lucky with how many PRETTY GOOD players the league forced other teams to make available to them - with what was a pretty generous expansion draft compared to what some new teams in other leagues have had to go through.

The extreme at the other end of the scale likely being what the NBA did to Toronto and Vancouver with their expansion rules. Neither team was allowed to win the draft lottery for their first three years of existence and they had smaller salary caps for their first three seasons than any existing NBA teams. (Sort of a backlash by other NBA teams because of how fast Orlando a previous expansion team got so good because of 1st picks like Shaquille O'neal).

So in many ways Ottawa fans should consider themselves fortunate.

Having said that though - the generous expansion rules could only help if the team took advantage of those rules with smart choices and then good coaching - and I think you have to give Ottawa credit on those counts. I'll be cheering for them.

They'll need a QB post Burris for that to happen. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him retire if they win on Sunday.

Well, the other ten wins helped... :roll:

:thup: :thup: :lol: :lol:

Not sure about that. Despite the Conference switch-a-roos of past years, Winnipeg is still a western city…and to many this is still an East vs. West kinda event.

And, I’m not sure how many fans are coming in from Ottawa but there are a ton of Eskie fans in town…look for an even split with the crowd support or an Edmonton skew.

Hamilton crushes Ottawa with Collaros, the barely won playing against a 3rd string QB. Ottawa is a good team but will be in tough against Edmonton.

I gotta agree with kasps on this one.....Who says they will even be in contention next year ?. This team was extremely lucky and fortunate this season when it came to injuries and let's face it Burris ain't getting any younger and if he does go down or revert back to the 'Bad' Henry persona of 2014 or even 2013(trust me folks, as a Cat fan contrary to popular believe Henry wasn't all that great in his last year in Hamilton) this team could very easily go from a 12 win season to a 6 win season next season very easily. This team caught lightning in a bottle this season and all the stars aligned in their favour to produce a magical 2nd year that nobody would've predicted before the season started. Hats off to them for a tremendous season and accomplishment in making the Grey Cup this season but there is no guarantee that it will lead to future success and could very well be a one off season where everything just happened to go their way. Personally I would be very surprised to see Burris have another year next year like this one and also very surprised to see another season where the team was very fortunate when it came to not losing key players to injury like other teams did this season.

Not just Burris retiring. How long will all the talent stay before FA kicks in.

Remember the 2001 WBB's.?

That was to be the beginning of a new dynasty. Look what happened there.

I say cash in on your chances when you have them. The CFL dynasty days are over. Every year a new champ is crowned.

Never know when you get another shot.

As for the Pegers having their city invaded by Esk fans, you have my sympathy.

Man, I wish I had this ability to see into alternate realities that some of you clearly have.

Masoli was 30 of 42 for 349 yards and two scores (in this reality, I mean), not to mention the yards on the ground that he got (which Collaros is not known for, as far as I know). How much better could Collaros have been??

That isn't to say that Ottawa is NOT the underdog tomorrow but it's not as though Hamilton was unbeatable even with Collaros. Right, Als fans?

I won't debate that much because predicting AGAINST going to the championship is the safe money, but didn't the offense change from 2012 to 2013 (hence the comment about being Cortez' guy)? Assuming that Maas stays put, not only will Burris be in an offense he clearly likes, he (and most of his surrounding cast) will have experience in it and won't have to deal with the growing that they dealt with in the first month or so of the season.

But you know, I think I'll only start worrying about 2016 on Monday. :wink: