The crossover watch begins...

...Can BC stay ahead of Winnipeg?....

Probably. Saskatchewan provided a blueprint for how to beat Winnipeg: Clog up the run, force them to throw to beat you.

Winnipeg's passing offense is terrible. If you make them beat you with the pass, they won't win very many games.

Besides, BC has the CFL Command Center working for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, both teams have a Jeckyl and Hyde side to them...but BC has coaching on their side. These LD rematches might explain a lot.

Can someone point me to a thread or other article that explains the whole crossover thing ? As a first year fan this is a very foreign concept to me.

Thanks, Winter

if the 4th place team of one division is better than the 3rd place team of the other division then they get their playoff spot. i am not 100% sure but i don’t think an eastern team has been good enough to cross to the west since the rule came into play.

Simple...if the last place team in either division finishes with more points than the third place team in the opposing division, then that team crosses over and plays a road playoff game at said opposing division's first place field. 8)

Don't know of an article or thread that can do that so I will give you the basics.

If the fourth place team in One Division has a better record than the 3rd place team in the other division (not sure if it has to be outright lead or if the regular tie breaking procedures take place, but I think it it has to be outright) Then the 4th place team "crosses over" and takes the playoff spot.

Example form Last Year
x - Edmonton 18 10 8 0 20 512 526 7 - 2 - 0 3 - 6 - 0 5 - 5 - 0
Toronto 18 4 14 0 8 397 627 2 - 7 - 0 2 - 7 - 0 3 - 7 - 0
Hamilton 18 3 15 0 6 441 593 2 - 7 - 0 1 - 8 - 0 3 - 7 - 0

Edmonton, the fourth place team in the West had a better record than Toronto and Hamilton in the East so they got the playoff spot.
Hope that helps

Eski Moses beat me too it although he is slightly wrong the Crossover team plays a road game against the Divisions Second Place team, not the first (although they may end up doing that too)

Thanks for the responses ... I like the rule. American Sports use the 'wildcard' system whereby the team from each division that finishes with the best record outside of a playoff spot makes the playoffs. The only thing I don't like about the American system is that we often see wildcard teams with better records than the actual division winners. A good example is in baseball - The Yanks and Sox will both win close to 100 games - one will win the division, the other the wildcard. The wilcard winner will almost always have more wins than the A.L Central winner .. Always seemed backwards to me. I like how the CFL handles it.

I stand humbled and corrected by Soupy... 8)

Winter - I've always thought that MLB needs to revamp it's playoff format, and now, media types (aka the networks) are starting to make noise. Thank god...playing 1000 game shed annd being out of the race in July makes MLB a novelty act, not professional/competitive sports.

A couple notes: The team crossing over must have more points. A Tie in the standings is not enough.


No team has made it to the GC after a crossover, in fact until last year no Western team had even won a semi-final game.

Last seson Edmonton managed to beat Winnipeg in the semi but lost to Montreal the following week.

It is almost impossible to win playing up to four consecutive road games while one of your opponent has a by.

For the record the crossover race looks like this....

B.C. 8 pts
Winnipeg 6 pts (1 game behind)
Toronto 4 pts (2 games behind) (6pts behind Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatchewan for the Western crossover)

Some one should watch ro1313, you know how he hates the Cross over rule! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Keep him away from Bridges and fast moving objects! :wink: :wink:

Not a chance, the Bombers have 6 home games this half of the season, all the rest have 4, they will make the 2 point difference and then some.

....also the fact we have a new qb. in town by the name of Casey.....just added to the practice roster today........ :wink:

...just curious papa, but why would you choose a wink smiley to accompany that statement?...I would've gone for the god-help-us-look-of-terror smiley myself....

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Thankfully not the one who's last name starts with p

AGREE, or the world is officially ending face !

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