The Crossover sucks!

Scrap the crossover. There already is a certain level of disinterest here in the East. This cross-over was an invention by sour puss and de-facto CFL President Hugh Campbell, after the George Brancato-led Ottawa Rough Riders, embarrassed his Eskimos in 1981. The Ottawa Rough Riders with a 5-11 record, finished 3rd in the East that year and humiliated the so called high powered Eskimos in the 1981 Grey Cup game. The Eskimos actually needed a Phantom "double interference" call from the officials against Super Receiver Tony Gabriel late in the game to preserve the win. Hughie actually thinks that he's bigger than the League.

I love the crossover. The top 6 teams in the CFL should be apart of the play-offs.

Then, why not have only one division just like the old NHL in the 50's and 60's. No more false pretenses about East-West rivalries.

Even with the crossover the other division has the advantage because they still get homefield advantage. Even if the crossover team has a better record than the 2nd place team. And I still like the idea of an east-west grey cup. The odds are against a crossover team making it to a grey cup so it is always highly probable it’ll be an east-west match-up.

With one division Edmonton could play B.C. in the Grey cup.

Crossover stinks and my team has benefitted from it, the Riders. I agree, guarantee East-West cups. I afree with the previous writer that said interest in the east is weak enough. How much interest would there be in Ottawa for an Ottawa-Sask or Montreal Calgary east semi?

one thing that adds excitement in regular season of any sports league is playoff races. A crossover adds a race in that Ottawa now got to compete with Sask or Calgary. Otherwise they would be a shoe-in to beat ti-cats to make it to the playoffs. How boring is that?

I agree to a point if you do this then replace it. Remove the west and East designation and go with a playoff format the does not take this into consideration. The top teams play in the playoffs regarless of if they are from the east or the west. In otherwords the teams that make the playoffs would be the top six teams in order of finish.

Vincesport, you are the man!
Finally, someone else in here who knows of what he speaks regarding this moronic crossover stupidity. I know I would be embarassed to have Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, or Hamilton play in a Western playoff game. I hope that never, ever happens. And you know that will never happen because the west has the obvious advantage here, and I say enough is enough.
Unfortunately I think we're stuck with this crossover crap until we get another team in the East. And if we ever get two more teams in the East, you can be sure as Sh*t that the west will cry foul and demand dropping the crossover altogether.
East is East and West is West. Get out of our backyard. Go ahead, let us stinking Easterners "freeze" on our own (a Western reference from the 1970's for all you young-uns).
Good on ya vincesport.

OK, sir, apparently you don't get it!

the CO is the greatest thing ever for this league!

There are those traditionist who want to still have a two division league because of the old leagues and the rivalry of the East and West. However, there are those who think the league should just be a league of 10 teams with the 6 best teams making the playoffs.

The CO is the compromise between this two groups. Sure, it was invited in 1995 to keep the American teams from dominating the playoffs but it also lets the best teams play in the playoffs without jeopardising the East and West divisions and without complete eliminating the East Vs. West Grey Cup format (there is a chance of an All West/East cup match up. but has that happened yet?).

Plus, this playoff system makes the CFL the most unique league in the North America, if not the world. There is nothing more Canadian that the CO.

Now, do you still want to eliminated it?

The CO ROCKS!!! and I hope the league keeps it even after the 10th team.


I wouldn't want to get rid of it unless the East gets another team.. which they should. Otherwise it becomes easier for Eastern teams to make the playoffs than for Western teams, which wouldn't be fair to Western fans wanting to see their teams do well. It's just weird to have uneven conferences though, so maybe just set up a team in the maritimes or QC (they're bound to sell out every game just like Montreal :p) for the sake of balance and get on with playing football.

For those of you that feel the crossover should be dropped as the interest drops off....... Right now, Montreal and Ottawa would only be playing for a home playoff date. That's all. Boy, that sure is exciting....... or, they could know that not only do they need to win to try to get that home field advantage, but also if they don't keep pace, they are in danger of losing their playoff spot.

And considering that albeit with one less game played for Montreal, the 3rd and 4th place teams in the West are ahead of all but the East Division leading Argos. If the conferences were dropped, Montreal and Ottawa would be in 6th and 7th places respectively. Is that better than a crossover?

New winner of the "Retard of the Board" award....

"Embarrased"?! We won, ya cretin!? Do you mention how they "embarrassed" the teams they beat to get there? It's been well documentented that they finished 5-11 that season...don't blame the EE for beating their opponent, genius. And you're still bitter about the double int call...and you retards say we EE fans live in the past! What a laugher!!

Another Arrogant Eskimo fan who can't see the forest for the trees. You didn't win. The refs gave it to you. You must be really proud to barely win a game only with the help of the refs against a third place team. Get a life man! oops, you must have to ask Hugh Campbell to find out what a life is. You cheat by going over the salary cap, and you cheat on the field, especially this year when you came to Ottawa. Your team doesn't know how to win fairly. Your team faked injuries conveniently only to the back-up defensive linemen every time that Ottawa was mounting a march. It was obvious to all who wetre there at the game. It was simply poor sportsmanship and disgusting to watch. Open your eyes you big turkey! The ESKS SUCK BIG TIME!

wow. and people complain about Rider fans complaining...ohh wait I guess he is a Rider fan, just an Eastern one.

Wow Billy, does that ever sound good! :o

i HATE the cross-over, BUT, unfortunetly it IS NEEDED....its not fair for a west team with a good record to miss the playoffs, while a GARBAGE team in the east gets in.....
in an ideal CFL, the top 3 teams in each division WOULD BE good enough to finish at .500 or better every year, but sometimes thats just not the case!

Edmonton saved the 1981 season, nah said, thank you Edmonton!

Actually, they were in seventh place.

I hate the crossover
This year the west is doing better than the east so the west says its a good thing. Next year if the east is better they will change their tune. Another problem is the unbalanced schedule. Lets say that Hamilton was having a better year an finished with 2 points over Calgary. Would it be fair that Hamilton would bump out Calgary when they only played BC twice and Calgary played them three times? We cannot say that one team is better than another if everyone does not play everyone else equally.

Every sport has the possibility to have a better record than someone else who makes the playoffs while you don't. If you are in one division, too bad live with it.

Highly disagree.