The Cross-Over is Bull

I think the cross-over is B.S.

A west team goes to the east for the playoffs, i don’t agree with it. That’s why you have 2 divisions, to house several teams, have standings, blah, blah, blah. If 2 teams are tied at the end of the year for a standing ranking( riders & stamps) the season series is the tie breaker, which means that DIVISION games count for the most in the end. BC has no place in Montreal, never mind Hamilton last week, they belong in Vancouver as the LAST PLACE WEST TEAM!!! Out of the playoffs!!! Winnipeg should be in the playoffs as the 3rd place east team!! If the CFL is going to cross-over last place teams to other divisions they should drop the East and West titles and form one division, as much i don’t want to see it. But if your rank in your own division wont secure you a playoff spot, what effin good is it!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

... did you agree with it when the Riders were the crossover team?... :roll:

2009 is the weakest case for the cross-over rule:
Last place 8-10 West team makes the playoffs. Third place 7-11 East team misses the playoffs.

2008 was a strongest case for the cross-over rule:
Last place 10-8 West team makes the playoffs. Third place 4-14 East team misses the playoffs.

Pick your poison:

Cross-over rule leads to 8-10 Western teams in the Eastern playoffs instead of a 7-11 Eastern team.
No cross-over rule leads to 4-14 teams making the playoffs, while 10-8 teams miss the playoffs.

as much as i dread the thought of the lions representing the east in the grey cup, id still rather see an 8-10 team make the playoffs over a 7-11 team. the top 6 teams made the big dance.

The CFL should drop the divisions if the crossover rule is going to exist.

The Cross-Over is Fly. (Figured "fly" is opposite to "bull" on many levels.)

It's fine that way it is. The advantage still goes to teams within a division and the tables are still heavily tilted towards an East - West Grey Cup.

I agree. The reason, I think, that this year looks like a more real possibility of an all West is because of the late aquisition of Printers. If he were there all year I doubt the Lions would be playing in the east playoffs, but possibly hosting in the west instead. He has turned that team up more than a few notches.

The crossover is a great idea. It mitigates somewhat the problem of having a subpar team in the playoffs without eliminating divisional representation altogether. If the eastern teams (or western, if it’s ever been applicable) would pull up their socks and field a competitive squad, it wouldn’t be an issue.

The crossover is the right way to go. Ultimately, the teams with the best records deserve to be in the payoffs - period - regardless of where they are located.

I agree.. especially in a small league like the CFL.. when Ottawa gets back into the league, the schedule is going to almost balanced.. with each team playing each other twice for 16 games.. with a 10th team, it will be 9x2, a balanced schedule... so the top 6 teams , regardless of divsion should make the playoffs. The only reward should be byes for the teams that win each division. I would say the next 4 teams with the best records are in, with the 3 and 4 seeds getting home games in the Semi-finals.

IMO, the East-West matchup has to trump the fairness of teams records. That is what makes the CFL great. That rivalry may not be as crazy as it used to be, but I blame the cross-over (partly) for that. Case in point - a few years ago it looked like the Argos had a chance to cross over to the west. Winnipeg was in first place in the east, so we had potential for a Grey Cup final featuring Toronto representing the west, and Winnipeg representing the East. Only in Canada!

Could also leave the cross-over system in but WITH 1 ADDITIONAL condition....have to win the haad to head battle (as the West teams play the East teams 2X)

If this was added to the equation:

BC would have more wins but split the season series 1 win each, with Winnipeg winning the combined score 58-34), so Winnipeg would get the play-off spot.

In 2008 Edmonton the cross-over was 1-1 against Toronto with more points scored 78-63, so they would have still gotten the cross-over.

There is always the possibility that a fourth place team with a far superior record could under this miss the cross-over.

In an eight team league you have to have the cross-over... like the poster above a little ways said... What if you have a last place team in the West blowing away the 3rd place team in the East? Does the 4 win team in the East deserve to be in playoffs over the team with 10 wins in teh West? It would be a bigger joke if the 4 win team made the playoffs and the 10 win team didn't.

ya, there were seasons in the 80's when the Riders were 8-8 but missed the playoffs.. yet the 3rd place team in the East had a terrible record, yet they made the playoffs.

imagine if the Cross Over had been active then??

How can you be against the teams with the best records earning a playoff spot?

I think that it's a joke that so many teams can make the playoffs in an 8 team circuit. The fact that we're even debating the relative merits of an 8-10 team vs. a 7-11 one is equally ludicrous. However, I guess the CFL is a different sort of league. My solution (such as it is, and not very good) is to have a seeding system. 1 seed is the best record, 2 seed is the best record from the other conference, and 3-5 are the next best respective records (regardless of division). 4 and 5 play in a "wild-card" while 1,2,3 take the week off. 2 plays 3 and 1 plays the winner of the "wild-card", and the respective winners meet in the Grey Cup. The League looses only 1 gate in the playoffs, and the chances that a team with a loosing record sneaking into the post season is lessened (although it can still happen). In a gate driven league, the CFL would rather not loose any gate money, but I think people want to see the best teams (which is why the league instituted the crossover in the first place). It looks bad to see 75% of the teams make the playoffs, IMO.

This is the result of gate driven league... Ideal situation would be 20 game season, no division. #1 with a by while 2 vs 3 for the other spot. This year Als would have had the by and Calgary vs Saskatchewan.

The cross-over IS bull. As in Red Bull. The kind that gives you wings! lol ...It gave the Lions wings and the Lions right flew over Hamilton. Soon they'll be flying out of Montreal and onto Calgary! :wink:

This thread is nothing more than some rider fan being upset the Lions made the post season.

Majority of CFL fans believe the crossover rule is fair. This rule improves competition and standard required to qualify for playoffs. In the past, some eastern teams didn't need to win games to qualify because 3 playoff spots are guaranteed. Now games outside divison are more meaningful.

Mathematically, west division is stronger than east because west has won more games against east. Here is why. Every team plays 8 games against other division. But they determine which division has more points at end of regular season. The 10 games against own division produce the SAME MAXIMUM POINTS IN BOTH 2008 AND 2009. West versus west or east versus east games don't account for points difference between divisions.

In NHL and CFL, some fans complain about too many playoff games. Pro sport is a business and teams need to maximize revenue by having as many games as possible.