The Crenosphere... right for the CFL?

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Some experimental way to build domed stadiums for peanuts.

Any thoughts?

Here's mine:


  1. Protected from elements. In Canada, those can be a problem.
  2. More days of use per year. Easier to justify politically.
  3. If the figures are accurate, not much added cost.


  1. The technology is experimental. Experimental = expensive (see BC Place, Skydome, Big Owe)
  2. No real world examples of a size comparable to CFL standards.

Yeah its s t u p i d and where would the peanuts come from do they grow them in london? are you a peanut farmer?

A bit misleading since the cost that they quote on their page is only for the concrete sphere, you can probably double that because you're going to have to put all the interior seats, consessions, nice stuff inside of it.

I hate it when companies try to pass off marketing as bona fide journalism. There's a big difference between an objective article and a sales pitch. And that site gave the latter ... I gotta admit I'm pretty sceptical. That "article" was published in 1999, in what looks to be the corporate newsletter ... which was apparently discontinued in 2001.

Anyway, I know the point isn't to discuss some crummy company, I was just ranting. Interesting idea, and I suppose it has potential (just like anything else) ... but since it doesn't seem to have been realized in practice, I don't know if it's even close to a realistic option for, say, London, QC or Halifax. Or any other city ...

Now, Bobby P, i'm detecting a little passive-agressive attitude from you... you know, the kind your girlfriend gives you when you don't mention her new hair do? If all this testiness is because I made fun of your name idea for the new Ottawa team...

..."Ottawa Renaissance"? I mean, my God, man what were you thinking? Can you see a bunch of big tough football fans saying they can't wait to go watch... the Renaissance? What is this, Stratford upon Avon?...

...sorry, I couldn't help it, it's just too ridiculous.

Stow the 'tude, Bobby P.

Oh you can dish it but not take it I see now

Still, just from glancing around at a few stadiums in the recent past, there’s usually around a $100M difference between a covered stadium and an outdoor stadium of approximately equal capacity. This thing claims the cover costs between $12M and $19M. Definitely worth a look, but seeing as there’s no functional, working football stadiums of this design, i’ll remain skeptical.

It looks like a tomb! I actually dont like the covered stadiums. I would way rather see an open stadium in BC as the only real concern would be the rain. It doesnt get as cold in the winter as all the other CFL cities. Unless you are the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, a bit of rain never hurt anyone :smiley: