The crawl of time without football

I don't miss it. Honestly.

The Saturday mornings hung over from the public address racket that blares the whole bleeding night at the park.

The incessant hawkers and vendors with beer and fifty/fifty tickets.

The television timeouts and the yellow challenge flags.

The panel in suits from Moore's dating themselves and their audiences.

It's a sad time all around with school closures and keeping face masks with your keys.

What a world.

But in perspective I am not missing football.

Peter Boyle.

I find that since the NHL restarted I've been missing football even more. I guess hockey just doesn't jive with August for me, but football does.

Like you, though, I don't miss the TV timeouts and challenge flags.

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I miss it, but this is an excellent summary, as I have posted elsewhere, of the serious need for media and other overhaul upon restart.

Now it's easier to ditch the awful and keep the good, for in some future time years ahead we can make reference such as "that was before the pandemic (and it sucked!)" and so forth for the nostalgic set who are for all such bunk.

Dear Paolo X:

However cockamamie my opinions might be you are nice about listening to them. My beef with the League is like a fight with the missus. I'll come around or she will.

How are you liking Scott Milanovich out in Edmonton? I think he and Paul LaPolice might be the same fellow. When Ottawa next meets Edmonton in the championship we will watch the coaches' presser with interest to see if one or two people show up in opposite chairs.

I did a thing on the current coaches' records and it tells a strange tale: four of the nine men have losing career records! What the heck. I think Mighty Mike O'Shea is just over the five hundred mark.

I don't like Ottawa's chances with LaPolice.

Hey you got my juices flowing!


CFL Pete.

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Ah keep on going it's all good - I would love a final between Edmonton and Ottawa after a regular season for sure.

Whatever happens now for 2020 is a crapshoot.

I'm REALLY enjoying the Virtual CFL games.

I do have it on my PS4

Good fun.

I've never owned a console, but the 2020 version of this game is coming out in September and I might have to get one. It's looks AWESOME and is getting very good reviews over at Ryan Moody's site:

Will check it out when it comes out.

cant get into the virtual games myself. I need the real thing

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Same here.

Maynot be a season.

I didn't think I would like it much either...until I actually watched a couple of games. It's pretty entertaining, and it's only going to improve when the 2020 version comes out. Ryan Moody, who's somewhat of an expert on football play in Madden in Flutie's, rates it very highly for actual realistic football. Also, the 2020 version will have a Broadcast Camera, so watching sims will be more like watching on tv.

I've tried watching a computer-generated game (like Doug Flutie's Maximum Football) and while the graphics are amazingly good, they just don't quite have that "feel" I want.

What I HAVE done is gone through Wikipedia wraps of post-1970 Grey Cup games and come up with 16 between 1972 and 2017 to watch on YouTube/Roku that were all decided in the 4th or OT. Being a Yank, I didn't have CBC or TSN so I don't have the memories you guys do (not even who WON), so I know that they'll all be "fresh" to me and every one was close to the end. How do you beat that?

I hope the CFL plays live this year but if they don't, I like what I've got lined up from late August to mid December: Sixteen straight weeks of great past championship games. And no commercials.

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Good hear something positive about the CFL from your viewpoint.

Wish some Canadians as positive about the league as yourself.

And welcome to the CFL forum.


Thank you. I grew up in Seattle in the 60's and 70's before the Seahawks began, so the BC Lions were the closest pro football team. The CFL was impossible to follow back then but I was always intrigued by the 12-man, three-downs, 110-yard game. It was sort of "exotic" and I eventually covered the CFL on the OurSports Central website for part of the 2006 season (here's a link to one archived weekly update that year).

At this point, even though I'm a Packers shareholder, the NFL bores me. The CFL is more fun, although I bought a share in the Roughriders a few years ago so BC-Saskatchewan games leave me a little conflicted.


This is awesome. Welcome. Though you have known about the league long than have I, for though I remember the games on NBC in 1982 for a few weeks as a kid, I began to follow the CFL again in 2009 and joined here in February 2010 during the Olympics in Vancouver. It's simply purer football most of the time.

And even before this year given the horrible officiating in the NFL this season and awful video review system and all the rah-rah for any given unmerited "chosen son" every damn year, well, I was going to give the NFL one more year to make some things right but I don't see that happening any time soon now.

But then again nothing is certain in Canada either now either along the lines of sport but for hockey in progress quite well now.

It's been the year in which we play the awful hand we have been dealt month after month.

Onward and upward at least for 2021 I hope.

Thanks, Paolo. I'll always be a Packers fan (and want to see how Reggie Begelton does in Green Bay), but haven't watched an NFL game on TV since 2017. Best players in football, for sure...just got burned out on the overhype and arrogance. Plenty of good players in the CFL, too, and it seems more "relatable" to me, if that makes any sense.

This has just been a bad year to be a sports fan. I've been following the Asian baseball leagues and I'll keep an eye on the NHL playoffs (Go Habs!), but otherwise I'm resigned to archived games on Roku and YouTube. Any records set in 2020 should come with an asterisk.

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I like the CFL and thought they might do a short season

But honestly? After watching the debacle of NHL (its just boring in empty stadiums) and the joke of MLB (mass schedule problems due to players break quarantine and getting infected) I kind of am thinking it might be better to just forget this season.

I never could fathom how playing in an empty stadium could get a CFL team money, esp with no gates, and very limited TV coverage & ad revenue.

But the NHL experiment has been boring and feels pointless.

Guess we will find out on Monday or Tuesday if the season is going ahead.

I'm with you about the same plus with the news of an infection of a player on the Reds, the fat lady is warming up for baseball in the bullpen.

I like some hockey better than no hockey though, but you are correct, the excitement of that raucous crowd in the third period for the home team is missing more than I thought I would miss it and the games have become boring at times.

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