The Count Down

Hello everyone,
10 more days until the Argo/Riders game.
This will be a good game.
Good luck to all you rider fans.
May the best team win.
Should be a close game.
God Bless you all!!!!

Green is the color
Football is the name
You are roughriders,
and winning is your game.
Man I love that song.
I wish the argos had a song like that.
I will cross my fingers,and prey they will get one!!!
God bless everyone!!!

you feeling okay saskargo

I'm feeling good.
How about you?
Good luck to your riders this weeknd.Should be a tough game.
God bless you!!!

hmmm, saskargo wishing good luck to the Riders ..... Can you feel the love ? :mrgreen:

.....back away from the trap, UaH.....back very slowly away from the trap..... :smiley:


Wow, I hope this lasts forever

Just until the baby is born.LOL

thank you, good luck to you Argo's as well.

That's ripped off from the Vancouver Whitecaps! "White is the colour, soccer is the game...." Get your own fight song! "C'mon and roar you Lions roar, that's what a Lions roar is for...." Now THAT'S a fight song!

Actually come to think of this...Saskargos attitude is not good. Something is wrong here. It would be like if Superman had no Lex Luthor. Please change back.....

.....personally, I'm still waiting for the zing!.....

You will be waiting for awhile.Just going to enjoy life.
I'm not done my bashing.Just going to mellow for awhile.
I will be back in time.When I do.LOOK OUT!!!!
Until then,have fun!!!!

So, would it be a relatively safe bet that this "mellowing out for a while" will take approximately ten days? Wait a minute. . .that would coincide with the Argo-Rider matchup, wouldn't it??? :smiley:

Maybe,maybe not.
Remember it is just a game!!!
Lets put it this way.
What comes around goes around!!!

Actually you got it a bit wrong. but close, very close.

Green is the color
football is the game
we're all together
and winning is our aim
so cheer us on
in the sun and rain
Saskatchewan Roughriders
is our name

But damn close. I just wanted to get the chance to sing it in full

and lionspride13 how do you know that we stole that song. My guess is its the other way around. But I really don't have a clue. better win.

.....the Whitecaps were using that song in the late 70's......don't know when the Riders started using it, any idea Soupman?.....

not a clue. I'll ask my old man though. He would probably know. If both these teams use this song, I would guess that there might be even more teams that use it.