The cost of attending the Grey Cup game

The days of 50,000+ fans at a Grey Cup are just about over excluding BC and Edmonton, but has the cost of hosting the Grey Cup game gone down? It seems that the die hard CFL fans are flipping the bill. How many Grey Cups do you attend?

I attend most.
I have never paid for a ticket.

The CFL needs to do a much better job of making Grey Cup tickets more affordable to every CFL fan. None of this crap where only a small percentage of the fans can afford to buy any.

This isn't the NFL or NBA OR NHL. the CFL needs to give all fans the ability to see the biggest game of the season.

The poll is missing one of the common options, I attend when my team is in the game. And that's basically the way it works for me most of the time.

Are you going to try to claim the tickets are priced remotely close to the NFL? NBA and NHL tickets don't really change much for championships. NFL is expensive...but one can say there is 10x the draw / population so they can get away with it...but they are getting nowhere near the markup in the CFL. It is good that they pushed to find limits...I believe they have found them and hop they act accordingly. They probably shouldnt have pushed so yard in the first year of the BMO reboot...that was a mistake.

The GC at BMO was definitely a mistake, it was too early to host a game in Toronto. The owners thought the move to BMO was going to be a slam dunk winner and the GC would be a sell out. They really misjudged the CFL market in Toronto.
The the big winner for hosting the GC was actually TFC. Who would've thought that they would host a playoff game against Montreal the week before the MLS championship game and sell out both games.
I have replayed the Grey Cup game and there is not one shot of the temp stands that show the fans, it seems to be dark and you can't see anyone there.
I would like to hear from anyone that attended.

As for prices, it's up to the host teams to judge their own market. Ottawa will sell out and the cheapest tickets will be $250 in temp seats. Why make the seats cheap when the demand is there?

I was at the GC at BMO and the temp stands were definitely full.

Agreed, the new owners mis judged the market big time. We didn't buy until they lowered the prices and I knew they would shortly after they went on sale to the general public. My bird on the ground gave me the heads up weeks earier.

As for what I voted, I went with the home city. Though I wouldn't mind going to Ottawa, it would be though scheduled wise as my wife couldn't get the following Monday off. Perhaps if it goes to Hamilton, we'll go.

My Self I attend the grade cup when I can. City location doesn't matter or distance.
However possible teams playing makes my choice.

I was never a fan of having it there in year one...but if they were going to do it they should have had cheap tickets from the start. The way they did it made it all look like a money grab and likely turned people off. Winnipeg is a solid football town and I felt they pushed the threshold with pricing...pushing it further when you are trying to build your base is a mistake.

as for the game being was

The farthest I have travelled for a G.C. game is around 4200k. I tray to make a game now only when it's in the West.

I have been to 2.

I was at the Cup in 93.
I assumed the Stamps would be in it :cry: :cry: :cry:

I then went to the 2014 Cup.

Now, I will always go to the Cup when it is Vancouver.

I will consider going here in Calgary if we get 2018.

It was a lot easier on the wallet back when airlines and hotels didn't give the game the respect it deserved and there were bargains a plenty for both. Nowadays, flights and hotel prices have gone through the roof (not to mention how expensive tickets have gotten).

A couple of years ago, flights into Winnipeg were so expensive that flying into Brandon was the only legitimate option. (It will be a cold day in hell before I pay $600 to fly into Winnipeg in November) The Brandon airport was overrun with like-minded individuals. Made for an interesting Grey Cup story, but it seemed a little much

Cheapest ticket is $85 in Ottawa actually.

The only $85 tickets are the very top row of the temp stand, a vast majority of tickets are $250+. It's seems like they wanted to say they have $85 tickets, but had about 100 out of 35,000.

Supposedly the $150 ticket range (end zone) were sold out in minutes in Ottawa. I have a crew of 13 people who put $50 deposits down, during the 105 hour sale, right after last years game.

We thought we were organized, but have been seemingly left out, as we are not in the $300+ range for tickets. :thdn:

I only go to eastern (east of Manitoba) games. The closest is a 1 1/2 hour flight.

No the CFL does not need to do a better job of making the GC tickets more affordable.
29,000 tickets sold so far to Ottawa fans and they are paying around $300 a ticket. Ottawa season ticket holders and flex pack buyers snapped up all of the existing seats in the stadium and only the temp seats will be available to non-Ottawa buyers when they go on sale.

If you have a 50,000 seat stadium then yes you do have to make some seats cheaper.
Last year in Toronto was not good for the league and they shouldn't have hosted it.
It's up to the individual host team to set prices.

For once I actually agree with you.

Toronto shouldn't have hosted for many years until the fanbase was back. A very bad example and most grey cups will not go that way. You're always guaranteed 50,000+ in Vancouver at pretty hefty prices too.

Not true about Vancouver.

In 2014, they were no where near a sell out.

They had a weekend blow out sale for $ 50.
Just so the stadium would not show so many empty seats.

I paid $380 for my seat. The guy behind me got one of the seats for $50.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

First , the Lions were not in it.
Second the pricing.