The Continued (Mis)Adventures of IGF Stadium

Following from a CBC Winnipeg investigation - an investigation which now has the stadium clocking in at an estimated final cost of $384 million - americans could have built an enclosed 55,000 facility in most NFL cities. . . . so its getting ridiculous, The main criminal in the Manitoba Mess is former Premier Greg Selinger, a sloth of a man who now draws 5 pensions plus an MLA's $94,500 salary. He gave orders to loan the IGF/Bomber thing an extra 39.5 million to fix obvious problems noted by the article. Just awful mismanagement by the group of (yet) unconvicted criminals who were assigned the task of design, construction and finish. Just 4 years in and the repair train appears to be endless. . . . :cowboy:

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IGF is a dump! 400 million doesn't get you what it used to...

.....I have a lot of fond memories of the old Stadium at Polo Park BUT the old girl had to go...Is IGF the be all and end all 'everyone' wanted....Certainly not but everyone knew that the 'house that Jack built' had to be replaced and so it is what is...IGF has it's problems but not near as many as the BIG there's that :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

1st- IGF does have some issues.Practical issues that should not have been overlooked.I tend to look in Aspers direction as he was central to hiring his friend who had never designed a stadium.
2nd-Johnny has obviously never been to IGF if he thinks it is a dump.Despite it's issues it is a fantastic,striking venue.
3rd-Johnny should stick to his own teams forum if he wants to make ignorant comments

Super mope journalist Paul "Mr. Freeze" Friesen drops a bit of ink on the IGF fiasco . . . .

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[i]Well at least the BIG OWE has as an excuse, that it's 40 years old. IGF is 4 (four) years old! :smiley:

But yes, the BIG OWE is a disaster. It was a disaster the moment it was drawn up on paper in the early seventies, and things only got worse from there. :roll: [/i]

"In mid-November 2006, the stadium's costs were finally paid in full, more than 30 years after it opened.[8] The total expenditure (including repairs, renovations, construction, interest, and inflation) amounted to C$1.61 billion, making it—at the time all costs were paid off—the second most expensive stadium ever built (after Wembley Stadium in London)."

Nothing ever went right with that stadium. Don't even get Johnny started on its retractable roof! :x

.....Yes...but Johnny that white elephant in Mont. cost ME money...(see lotto tix bought to help pay for that disaster with the bummer lid)... ALSO my federal taxes... :lol: On top of it I didn't win a damn cent :roll: ....At least you don't have to pay for IGF and the only fed. money contributed was for the University part of our money pit....In any event the money being spent on both of those digs would build one helluva stadium even today...Spilt sense crying now sooooooo we move on. :smiley:

I don't know who they were fooling when they tried to build it in a year. Many of the things awe are paying dearly for right now could have been looked after at the time it was built if only they had not tried to prove they could do in so quickly.

However, it is a nice place. Calgary would take it!

.....Cal. for sure LeBird and you might throw in Mont. :wink: .....When IGF was being unveiled...I still remember Buck Pierce commenting on how it was such a great attraction for players....He went around the dressing room ...which looked great ...then he went out into the players chute and stood in front of the concrete walls which had large cracks in them...OH OH...I said to myself...cracked already and in Winnipeg where the weather is famous for heaving concrete.....OUCH...It seems my concern was warranted ...Now we are into very expensive patch up jobs...That contractor should be sued before he claims bankruptcy.. :x

Papa - I don't know how old you are but you should know the contractor will never pay a red cent in the IGF fiasco. How do I know this? I've been around, that's how!
The way the legal system works (slowly, unless you're a street criminal or you threatened a cop) is tediously sluggish. The only thing the contractor wants to know from his lawyer is how much of a bubble (time for the most part) is left before the thing goes to court for resolution/damages. The early court stuff is only appetizers - mostly discovery and loading evidence onto the file - most of it contradictory.
So long as the bubble is 12 to 18 months away the contractor (probably guilty immo) is free to continue operations, ripping off other feeble-minded clients and packing their collective wallets.
Once things get serious, the bubble evaporates to weeks, not months the criminal contractor can invoke the poison pill - ie. going into bankruptcy, selling primary assets like land and buildings, even future contracts.

In the meantime, and in between times the contractor is probably using their legal team to shuffle assets so that the prosecution (plaintiff) doesn't have good information when it comes to collecting a judgement. Essentially, by the time things are in the court of resolution the contractor is basically just a shell company with minimal assets. ie. no real risk of loss. Their only cost is keeping their legal team funded - that isn't cheap, possibly 10s of thousands a year - but certainly cheaper than having to pay the babyfaces multi-millions in reparations!

....Well Lyle...I've been around the block a time or two and as far as stadiums go... as far as age goes (you guess) here's a hint, I was there at the old digs when Leo Lewis laced em up for us for the first time, and watched along with Bud as no 29 dipsy doodled along the sidelines....I'd say I've witnessed a few shenanigans in my time and admit that my legalize in the suing dept. has a little dust on it BUT not everyone is going to get off the hook for this baby...Stalling tactics and evasion only work for so long, and since I can't predict the outcome of the law suit that is currently in place, I won't comment further...You can bet someone is going to pay the piper NOT just the citizens of this province. :wink:

IGF is a beautiful facility, anyone who doesn't think so is a bit daft.

The legal counsel for Stuart Olson provided the following statement to CBC News on Monday via email:

"We built the stadium to the specifications of the building owner, just like we do with every project. Throughout construction, we raised potential issues with the building owner, and the building owner ultimately decided whether changes would be approved or not," Evan Johnston — vice-president, general counsel and corporate secretary of Stuart Olson — wrote in the statement.

"The Investors Group Field we built is the Investors Group Field the building owner ordered. We continue with our vigorous legal defence on this matter based on these facts."

You get what you pay for, should have built right to start with instead of trying to shave nickels and dimes, it just costs you in the end.