The content on is crazy

I've always been quiet amazed at at the content on this site but clearly there is no team in the CFL and maybe in North America. Congrats to those that put it all together.

Quiet? Quietly amazed! BUT never quiet on Game Day. I'll be whispering with a sore throat tomorrow morning.

Let's hear it for the .... DEEEE FENSE

But you are right....Ticats TV has improved as it brings us the increased depth of video coverage. I really liked the Press conference - June 25 and the mic'd up Lifestyles of the HTC-Jeff Piercy. Lumsden wins the Movie Game in the locker room... Now win the football game at Ivor Wynne tonight.

Oskee wee wee

PS - now let's see how quiet the CF-18 Hornets are>