The Constructive Thread

That's what this thread is for.

why not ask the direct question?
what is the role of the moderators? Or at least state your mandate.

As I stated: What is the role of the moderators? Just ask it. That’s substantially different than asking a global question about the CFL i asked it and was deleted and threatened.But if you ask it its safer. as you previously said- Go for it.
Post a question about the Role of the Moderator.
Or at least at least allow me to post that question again

Flag, why dont you get lost. This thread had the potential to be a decent thread until you showed up.

When you go up to your cottage or trailer, bring a flag of your team and fly it's colors on a flagpole. Also if your team loses that day, half mast the flag.

As a side note, don't half mast the Canadian flag for this. That's just disrespectful.

As another side note....Uhh yeah Lets get rid of MRX, the company that one of the owners of the CFL owns and likely runs the CFL website for peanuts due to the synergy.

in other words, we get what we pay for? We the fans deserve better.

When someone is curious about the CFL and comes here to check it out, a mickey mouse website gives a mickey mouse opinion of the CFL. Not a good thing.

ok…back to my question to pigseye…(actually hammer and FYB i had no idea who who hammer was bashing)

Most of us don't feel that the MRX website is Mickey Mouse FootbalYouBet. In fact, given the amount of free content that the website offers, recaps, league news, etc etc, I'd say it's quite good. Why would the league seek out another firm, hurt it's relationship with one of it's best owners to pay more for what would be a marginally better website.

When you also consider that the Hamilton Bulldogs, two OHL teams and the Toronto Rock (owned by MLSE who is a sports juggernaught) all use MRX, as did all of NASL's work (although not sure if they still do). I'd say stick with what is working. Keep in mind, the CFL website extends beyond these forums.

check out, specially stats, including historical. That site makes this site look bush league. The only thing in MRX favour is that they are an improvement over slamcanoe.

However, thats as far as I want to go re MRX in this thread.

Getting back to new people to Canada. I dont know the procedure, whether everyone who comes to canada gets a bunch of printed information and such, or if everyone who wants to become a citizen gets info packets. However, I think that the CFL should try, perhaps working with the govt, to officially give every new personcitizen an info package of the CFL, re the game itself, rules, history, place in canadian culture and tradition, etc, along with a small packet of half a dozen tickets, or something like that.

Some good suggestions so far. I'm glad people are generally taking this thread seriously.

I'd like to see the on-field officials positions become full-time jobs during the season, with commiserate pay levels and training time. They can work away from football during the off-season, and train full-time during the season and training camp, just like the players do. They can even have off-season training sessions, and they should be paid for those. Their wage should be enough that they can make a decent living on just officiating, if they so choose.

Given the number of complaints from teams regarding officials, there should be no problem funding this idea. Each team just kicks in a bit more towards the officials' pool.

I believe this idea would have three distinct benefits:

  1. It would improve the quality of officiating by offering lots more time for training and conditioning. Everyone does better with practice and coaching, and officials are no exception.

  2. It would improve the fans' and media's perception of the league and its officials. How many times have we heard the term "bush" when referring to our officiating? Having full-time, professional officials would allow the league to counter the haters.

  3. The promise of decent money would draw more individuals into officiating. Deepening the pool of candidates is always a good thing, and would lead to substantial performance gains.

Officials aside, I'd also like to see more teams take charge of their own marketing, a la Saskatchewan. What works in Ontario won't work in Manitoba, or BC. Likewise, a one-size-fits-all marketing plan doesn't always translate well across the country. Let the CFL do an overall marketing plan for the TV broadcasts, and then let each team do as it wishes within its own area, as well.

More great suggestions with real solutions to the problems, maybe I'll e-mail the Commish with everything when we are done.

Oh so much room there to add to that sentiment, but, well, back to being constructive.

Also I say the mods don't get near enough credit for all that they do right as a few focus on only disagreements that can and will take place at any given time with any given other person on or off this forum.

If your standard for the mods is near perfection, I guarantee you likely have far more issues than just on this forum with the mods.

Get over whatever and move on with something constructive to say in this thread.

You can always post otherwise in another thread, because what other threads are for, or of course in the worst case just do everyone a favour and get lost.

Overall and otherwise, I am hardly the only one enjoying the good or constructive ideas presented here as well.

Ah, but good luck with the or almost all the NFL sites as far as a blog without any standards upheld if any content of value at all! It's bo-jack, parrot, and/or homer city on almost any given so-called NFL blog.

I could care less about bells and whistles when the content is not solid. The contributions are great here for sake of the CFL as as well as gridiron football and then some in general.

They can always find some better technical talent to improve things given some time and funding, but finding good content is elusive and not to be taken for granted.

Keep calling the media out when it's warranted. Make them accountable when they fail to use fact, logic or are clearly biased against the CFL. The media has a great deal of influence and simply ignoring them is the wrong attitude. The CFL's "problem", if you can even call it that, is mostly a question of perception, not reality. The CFL's presence in Canadian sports is not accurately reflected in comparison to the popularity of the game. Nobody can deny it, the CFL is the second premier sports property in this country. It's time the collective media reflect it. AND I believe they will as newer, younger people get involved in major media sources.

Secondly, the CFL CANNOT be worried about the "lost generation". You know, the guys who have no interest in the CFL, claim it's bush league and will find any stupid reason to belittle it. Those people are a lost cause. Instead, the league should concentrate it's effort on people who aren't football fans and haven't had much exposure to it. I say target the newcomers to Canada. They have an open mind coming here, so why not introduce them to our countries great sport institution. Canada is a country build on immigrants and I see the CFL having a GREAT opportunity to draw fans by reaching out to these communities. It's not rare to see new Canadians drawn to hockey, the same can happen for the CFL.

Third point, the football in Canada needs to be more united. It starts at the grassroots level all the way up. This includes, CIS, Junior Football and of course the CFL. Enhancing the football culture in Canada will go along ways for the CFL. In Canada, hockey isn't just the NHL. Yet I get the feeling football in Canada is simply restricted to the CFL. The CFL is the only level of football with a high profile.

To sum up my last post for those who don't want to read my thesis:

Fans need to keep the media accountable to enhance the CFL's profile.

League needs to reach out to new-comers to Canada. Largest growing demographic with the greatest potential. People come from all over the world to Canada to, among many things, become Canadians. Let's take advantage of this and introduce them to our other great national pastime.

Better structure throughout all levels of football in Canada. Make football a big deal in Canada. Not just the CFL.

Copy this link and post it on your Facebook and Twitter for all your friends to see. Seriously. Do it now.

It's the "This is Our League" 4 minute commercial. Seeing this turned me from a lifelong NFL fan to a CFL fan by simply watching this. The single best and most effective commericial ever me goosebumps.

You know, there are good mods and bad mods… just like anything else in life. I would like to see the admins around more often, but it seems they are too busy to pay attention to the forum…

As or the league itself, it needs to do better promotions… with and without player involvement… usually teams do their own thing (Fantuz flakes, Darian’s Darios)… but that could be expanded to a league wide promotion. A player skills competition might be a good idea… in the pre-season just after TCs begin… see who can kick the longest field goal, most accurate passer, etc…

That could be true sambo. However given they never allow a discussion about the role of the moderator I have no idea what is a good or poor one. Or what people expect of them. At bare minimum it would be good to have them state their perceived role.
I do know that a couple of them really cross over boundaries in my mind.
That said so do I.
I’ve asked them to post the question. Great if they do. it would be helpful to them I think and to the board. I’ll just leave it alone for now. It doesn’t seem important to others.
its telling to me the FYB and Paolo both think I wrecked the thread. Ironic.
But could be true.

I've wondered the same thing. I'd compare the role of "forum moderator" to that of the elementary school "hall monitors". Maybe the ability to edit & delete posts on a whim gives the feeling of self importance.

I really don't see the need for "forum moderators". Let people post what they want. You think these forums are venomous? Ever seen the fan reaction after a Tennessee/Florida or OSU/Michigan game?

You can't whine about not having enough passionate CFL fans and then delete every post that gets a bit heated in calling out players/coaches/teams.