The Constructive Thread

I challenge everyone here to come up with some positive ideas for solving the CFL's problems, since a few folks feel the need to constatnly remind us of them all. Whether it's media bias, or corporations determined to fell the league or even the pro-NFL anti-CFL fan. No topic is taboo in this thread.

This should be easy, since we can come up with 9 or 10 pages just on Rogers alone, we should be able to reach 1,000 or more here.

Go for it.

everyone find someone new to Canada and pay for them to come to some games with you. Get them hooked.

Wear CFL stuff everywhere you go, even to white collar jobs.

Get rid of MRX

I wanna say something about al qaeda and rogers, but I guess that would be more destructive and constructive.

Take some CFL players and showcase them on commercials without a shirt, show off their bodes to the world. 8)

How about in the pocket book as a starter, compare the game prices of the CFL versus any other sport or team and there is no comparison and especially the excitement factor.
Then there is the average player salary which everyone here can relate to while the overpaid other athlete is obscene.

Take the Grey Cup and film it and show coming from the top, emanating from the top, everything that is good about Canada, including other sports etc. That would be cool.

Solving the problems is a tall order, and of course I am somewhat limited in understanding simply because I have not lived in Canada, but for what it's worth how about some ideas for improvement too?

Expand the roster by at least 1 import and 1 non-import as commented separately so that especially there is depth at the running back position. The best of all worlds would be the option, but not the obligation, for expansion up to a total of 2 imports additional if and only if 3 non-imports are added. Leave the number of minimum required non-import starters as it is right now too. Obviously roster expansion will take more money to fund, but it can be one part the considerations after the next round of negotiations for TV and marketing revenue along with league expansion.

A Canadian QB should could towards the non-import ratio. Now get to develop more of them including any going to college down south to go to the CFL. In reality NCAA football anyway is just a college-town homer moneymaker and training mill for the NFL that is tax-payer subsidised. Overwhelmingly most US college QBs are not NFL material and for those who are, overwhelmingly, few not drafted in the first round are around very long. You have seen my suck list too, and wow do they make some money when signed to either suck or carry clipboards, but check the average career length. Then what if not playing football? Selling insurance? At the very least the smart ones of any background who are good enough to make an NFL roster would, in the worst case for them, train and cash in for two or three years and then head north to do some of the same for awhile rather than just go to work a job like the rest of us. A few of these are your star QBs now, but it baffles me somewhat that none are Canadian and have not been for decades. Of course one person explained well that amateur hockey development in the US is akin to amateur football development in Canada and vice versa, but that gap has to be narrowed.

In the USA, one way the NFL reaches out to communities more and especially kids, the future fans, is via what is called now NFL Play 60. Way back in 1986 it was something else when my brother and I got to go after school with a few others kids and had a kids workout of sorts some of the Indianapolis Colts of the time. There were hardly any parents around too and there should not be! Give 'em a break mom and dad geez. Mind you it was during the season too! Anyway, I don't know what they do there other than ScotiaBank Kid Captain, but can't they do something more along these lines for more kids? Many of those kids get very strong impressions they remember forever and they are amongst the biggest fans decades later.

The appointment went well I take it?

Earl, for that first comment perhaps you need a referral, or is that just too much sauce tonight? :lol:

No sauce tonight, just feeling awake now after falling asleep halfway through Greys Anatomy and now feeling energized! :wink:

Some things the league could do,

Establish some sort of program that will identify promising youth, especially in the so-called skill positions, and give them training so that there will eventually more non-imports at those positions in the CFL. People often say that a non-import QB would be great for marketing the league. I think that would be true, though perhaps to a lesser degree, if there were more non-imports at running back and receiver, and if more non-imports were regularly pulling in the big numbers that the imports are.

Try to “vertically Integrate” the Canadian football system. Right now, it seems like the different organizations do their own thing, and the CFL just does the best with what they get. More co-ordination between the different organizations could be beneficial. This ties in somewhat with the previous paragraph.

Cross-promotion with CIS programs. At Queen’s, none of their teams seemed as popular as the football team. Western and Laval both do well at the gate. There is obviously an interest in attending football games, but I’m not sure if transfers to the CFL. I don’t know where grads from other schools go, but many students from Queen’s are going to end up in Toronto, and could be future Argo fans. Advertise at the games. Give out a number of free CFL tickets and give discounts on tickets to anyone who goes to a CIS football game. This is already happening a little bit with the Vanier Cup being paired with the Grey Cup this year and last year (Thanks to MRX. They’re not all bad.) This could be expanded, though.

Further to FYB’s idea of bringing new Canadians, each team could reserve a certain number of tickets for cultural organizations, like the Japanese Canadian Club of Hamilton. Don’t just give them the tickets, though. Host an event night where they can learn about the basics of the game, learn a bit about formations, different types of games, teach them something about strategy. It took me a long time before I could understand the rules, and I’m still pretty lost when it comes to the strategies.

Convince Sportsnet to hire a former PR guy from the CFL, a former Alouette Centre, and a former Argonaut defensive tackle to write about the CFL or talk about it on the radio. (Oh wait, they already did that).

Some things that we can do personally,

Don’t be such a cheapskate! If you can’t afford the time or money to go to games, at least buy some team merchandise and wear it in public. By wearing team clothing, you’re essentially a walking advertisement for your team, and also the league. It would also help to “normalize” being a CFL fan. Some people think that no one cares about the CFL because it doesn’t look like there are a lot of fans. I think more people care about the CFL than it seems, even in Southern Ontario, but we’re just less visible.

Organize a bar night with a bunch of friends or something, for the away games, or if you don’t live in a CFL city.

Stop bashing the NFL. Personally, I’m not into the league that much, but if I were someone who only watched the NFL, I’d be turned off by all of the anti-NFL sniping that I see from some CFL fans. Talk our league up without putting their league down. In general, people don’t win me over to their tastes by insulting mine.

I'd like to see a schedule with more consistency. The games should be played roughly at the same time and same days each week. Friday Night Football is a start. Then a Saturday Night and Sunday Night Football game every week of the season at a consistent time. Then fans will know when the games are on (with perhaps a Thursday Night game in the summer and a double-header Friday or Saturday in the Fall.)

Another idea is for the CFL to buy a cable station (like Score, for instance) and convert it into an ALL-CFL channel. It could broadcast all the CFL games (incl. playoffs & Grey Cup); all CIS Football Games; High School Metro Bowls; International Rugby & World Cups; Australian Football...anything to do with football. but expressly NO soccer and NO NFL is to be mentioned on this channel. There are dozens of other college and pro sports that could be televised which are currently ignored...anything which would appeal to football fans. Lacrosse, for instance (especially since hockey has turned into a sissy sport). Score network has actually a bigger reach than TSN as it's included free in most basic cable packages across Canada. I believe the network is for sale at this time, but their rumoured asking price is ridiculous for such a wasted channel. But there are other channels which could also be converted.

Bring a youngster to a game. Get to them before they follow peer pressure and the medias' take on the game. Even if they already think the other league is superior,get them to a game! I've made more than a few fans this way. We have to fight the biased outlook that hurts our game. I have never brought a single person to a CFL game that didn't fall in love with it.

You could also get people at your workplace to wear team gear on the day or Friday before a game, to show support for the team wherever you live... remind everyone of what a great game we have...

Is it just me or is the tone of the opening gambit by the moderator baiting and non constructive.
Just the title implies that he as moderator knows what is constructive.
These are funny guys able to encourage negative comments about others but not of themselves. They inflame, then gets hot, points at them, then delete

anyway, to play along. I don’t think there is much wrong with the league other than I’d love it if Toronto had a rebound and maybe new home will help.

I understand what you're saying Flag, especially after the last few days, but the OP does state "no topic is taboo". I'm not sure we should read any more than that into it.

yup…as i say maybe just me.
But when i see words, “challenge”, “few folks feel the need to constatnly (sp)”, “even” (wow they are even going to allow this), “should be able to reach 1,000” , “go for it” I read disingenuous in every way. But maybe just me.

Exactly Dan & Flag, if you feel the mods have a place in the problems then it is a valid post. And sometimes you do have to deconstruct before you can reconstruct.

and please resist in being derogatory.
just explain what your post means PE

You think the mods are a bunch of know-it-all flamers, so we (mods) need to change people's opinions of that, that's valid post if we are trying to be constructive in solving the problem. You have to identify the problem first, right, before you can address it.

You didn't even suggest a constructive way to do this, I would like to hear your idea on how to fix this.

ah…i didn’t know what you were asking. really? you are interested in how I think mods should change?
I posted this last year, was deleted, pm’d by Chief threatened with banning.
really now?
if yes…
then I will respond if you turn this into a thread that honestly and directly asks:

What is the role of the Moderator?
(which is a title I posted and was deleted)

So far some great suggestions:

  • take someone new to Canada to a game to get them hooked
  • get rid of MRX (lol).....alternatives?
  • topless CFL'ers in commercials
  • good price for entertainment dollar
  • push the GC/Canada connection
  • expand the rosters
  • include QB as a NI
  • more charity work with kids
  • better training at lower levels supported by the league
  • CFL/CIS cross promotion
  • sections for new Canadians at games (I like that one)
  • stop bashing the NFL (great point)
  • consistent schedule (it has been somewhat of joke lately)
  • wear team colors at the workplace
  • improve this site/mods