The Commissioner's Latest Offering

The TV deal was worth $4.3 MILLION per team. The new TV deal that supposed to kick in for 2020.
The new TV deal was for $50 MILLION but that's split 10 ways just like the last one. Each team will likely get $5 MILLION each up from the $4.3 MILLION. Ratings could add up higher but ratings have been going down, we need to get them up to increase the TV revenue!!

Edmonton's revenues were down 1.6 million
They were sitting on 15 million in cash

But showed a fake loss after adding 1.7 million to their stabilization fund, increasing their merchandise inventory by 250k and adding 2.4 million in a capital asset fund.

The Eskimos in real life money made a gross profit of $4 350 000.00

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They are going to have to buy all new merchandise with their new logo and name, and hope it sells.
$4.3 gross? how much net? that is the important figure.

Agreed. As noted by another esteemed poster, in 2019 the Esks generated 4.35 million profit on revenues of 24.35 million which means their break even was 20 million.

No, not really did you read the report that was posted above?
Look at the page 4 summary, Treasurers Report - last line of the

"To conclude, the consolidated Edmonton Eskimo Football Club net result for the year ended December 31, 2019 a loss of $1.1M."

You can read it here again

The point both of us are trying to make is, the CFL needs a considerable number of fans in the stands to make any money at all... Well over 18k.

And those have to be paying fans, not fans who paid for these seats in 2019 and 2020 awaiting the goods.


Not necessarily
Losing 1 million for limited play is better than losing 5 million for not playing

Plus the longer they remain closed the worse the future is

Not sure I agree with that but they don't have the funds to lose regardless. The Riders burned through their entire 10 million dollar rainy day fund in 2020. The bank account is completely empty.

I can't see anyone loaning the CFL the 100 plus million dollars it would take to run a season without fans with zero chance of recovering their investment.

Its time for MLSE to step up if they want to see any football played in Canada this season. I think they're the CFL's only option.

well said however if you play limited games TV Revenue will also be reduced and Merchandising sales will also be limited. We have no idea what the contracts are for players during this Covet 19. each team would need to learn 15 million dollars from gate attendance. If 5000 people attend each game at $30 a ticket that could turn out to be a huge loss on a reduced game schedule. Box seats that serve food and alcohol will probably be a limited. Potential Loss could be 10 million per team.
However starting season if august may help. Bottom line phone numbers will have to have Deep Pockets to make it through playing this year

Randy was on Hamilton's 900 CHML this morning

: "I choose to operate thru a positive lens. There's a bright future for football in Canada and it's our duty to find it. We'll get thru this together."

: "We're talking to groups around the world about what have they done? Their business strategies. How to re-set the business model and make it stronger. How to take this game we love to a new level."

: "I give full marks to their (owners') persevereace. The govenors have certainly held up their end and have been incredibly supportive."

: "There was a big financial hit and a strong emotional hit (from not playing last season). It also had an effect on our owners. We only have to look at CaretakerBob

and the commitment to his community."

: "We have a notion of maximum flexibility. We're thinking about everything thru this lens. We have to be ready to adjust and adapt at a moment's notice and be able to adjust on the fly."

: "Costing for testing and precautionary work is definitely a seven figure issue. It's a seven figure plus investment if you want to get back on the field."

: "The number per team is very large, but the goal is to get back on the field, get our players back on the field, and the fans back in the stands."

: "Last year we were still trying to figure out costing of testing. Now we're talking to other leagues that have done it to know costs. So now there's a calmness to it. Each team would face a large # of costs."

: "We're being methodical. It's a full plan and about ready to go and be prime time. We expect those conversations with the provinces, because we've done such good work, to be very constructive."

: "The idea is to do all the build up, have the plan buttoned down, tested and re-tested, and then take it to the provinces."

: "We're not going to let any one single issue stand in our way. It's to do everything possible to have a great and full season."

: "It's very difficult if you can't have fans in the stands. Are we talking two or three weeks without fans or are you talking the entire season? It's all about contingency planning."

: "The sooner we get vaccinated the more likely it is that provincial health authorities will let fans back in the stands

: "I'm personally very confident we'll get back on the field this year."

His second to last line was all that he needed to say:

"The sooner we get vaccinated the more likely it is that provincial health authorities will let fans back in the stands"