The Colour Orange?

I had no idea that Holloway was this revered. I remember him around 86 when he would get hit , he would lay on the field for several seconds and then ever so slowly drag himself to his feet. He seemed old at the time, but now I realize that he was in his early 30s at the time. Considering that he took as much punishment as a runningback, then I guess that it is understandable. I always thought that Warren Moon was the pioneer for black quarterbacks. I did not realize that Holloway was almost as important.

Holloway. Awesome player. He led that 80s Argo team that was so fun to watch. Definitely an all time fave of mine.

4 of these 7 on the list went on to play in the CFL. The more high profile.. the bigger the flop. To bad the guy at the bottom didn't come north.. He would of been like

Elite US collegiate stars are revered for the rest of their lives in that university town. Holloway also had the respect of black players in general (and anyone with a progressive attitude) as he was in the early wave of outstanding black QBs in the NCAA. But at that time he would not have received a chance to play his preferred position, so he came north. IN those days the financial difference was minimal. He had the misfortune of landing in Ottawa at the same time has Tom Clements, so he didn't really get to have his own team until he landed in Toronto. Frustrating for me as an Als fan to be reminded that they had his rights but traded them to Ottawa.