The cold hard truth

the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that ticats will not again be contenders until rid of Katz.

Why do you say that? I love how people make statements rather than generating a discussion.

I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I think Katz did a fine job of what he was here to do. He brought in the guys who he was told we needed and signed them to more than the dreaded 1+1 contract that has been the bane of our existence for too long. I mean he signed Hudson to a 5 year deal!! Rarely does any player sign for that long. He made no secret of the fact that he was the business guy, negotiating contracts etc, rather than scouting and finding the players. NOBODY could have forseen the trainwreck that was this season. Every player he brought in was an upgrade over someone (on paper). It wasn't his fault that things didn't go as they should have.

call it a hunch. A growing feeling I been having a while. Just little things, most of which I cant remember. Something about him doesnt work for me. Cant totally put my finger on it. I guess it might be just a matter of wait and see. If I am wrong, I will eat the crow.

Have you ever met him FYB?? (I'm not being sarcastic here just asking). If you haven't that might be why you feel that way. He's committed to making the team better and he doesn't give the PC answers to questions. He tells it like it is. Very honest and upfront. I respect that. I was among those who were somewhat sceptical about bringing him into the role. I was wrong.

Have you ever talked to him?

All I know is I sure wish I would have worked with him doing promotions in Tampa Bay, I could have an upper level position in the Cats right now.

I know that I do not like what I see and hear from him in interviews. I get bad vibes. As you all know, what looks good on paper doesnt always translate to good results. Katz may look good on paper to most, but I dont see results happening anytime in the future. It is also my understanding that he has no real background in football itself. That to me is another separate point against him.

Well by his bio it looks like he has been able to transist from sport to sport without much of a problem. Also worked with the Dolphins although not on the football side. I just fiqure dont judge a box by its cover. Develop your opinions by interacting with them personally.

Rob Katz is One of the hard working People
I have ever Met..
I have Great Respect For him
He was part of Team that Gave Us our Football Team back ..

Losing Him would be a Mistake..

I feel Katz was a big mistake. Not the only mistake mind you but just one of many that Bob Young made trying to bring his business philosophies to football. The 2 seem incompatible and FINALLY Young has acknowledged that by hiring a football man to run the organization. Based on the off-field problems AND the on field problems it is clear to me that Katz is incapable of translating his skills into practical CFL management skills. JMHO

Which probably makes it a good thing that he hired a guy with a football background to replace himself as GM. He has nothing to do with the football operations any more.

FYB, I think the sensitivity dial on your spidey-sense is turned up too high.

heh heh, could be. remains to be seen