The Cobb Squad

You may or may not care, but if you do I thought I would pass along some information regarding the ridiculous foam corn cob hat I wore to the Labour Day Classic.

Me rocking my corn head at the Labour Day game

While it wasn’t the same as the ones that got some TSN coverage in Box I or J, I did have a lot of people ask me where I got it while I was at the game. So I thought I would pass along the information as to where I got it.

It was a bit tricky because you had to have an American credit card and an American mailing address, but I ordered it from a small college in Moorhead, Minnesota called Concordia College. Their team name is the “Cobbers” and they sell foam corn head hats from their campus bookstore.
Cobber Foam Corn Head

If you can’t get on from them because of the whole American address stuff, you can also try some other variations of the corn hat that are found at other places on the wonderful Internet.
eBay-Nebraska Cornhuskers Foam “Cornhead” Corn Hat

If you feel like wearing a giant foam corn hat is stupid and a gimmick and I looked like a jackass with it on, I totally don’t blame you for thinking that. But hey, we won didn’t we? So I am not going to stop wearing it!

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

ps. Yes I realize I have way too much time on my hands.

I kinda want one now! :smiley: :lol:

im SOO getting one!! :smiley:

I saw you wearing while watching on TV. Pretty cool.
Be great to see more of them in the stands.
Go Cats!

They will be available at the merchandise kiosks. If not by the 18th, the 25th.



I think they look cool, i just dont like cobb so i wouldnt wear one...


That's great! Can I take some credit for it?

  • paul

That was really cool...and hilarious! Nice job!

WOW, thank you all for the support,I must have one,GO CATS :lol:

I hope your son, plays a great game against T.O tomorrow. Maybe he`ll score 2 tds!! :rockin:

I saw you make your run through the tailgate at Scott Park but was too far behind and you were walking too fast for me to catch up and grab a photo to go along with my other tailgating pix:

You just need a proper Cobb jersey.