The Coaching staff is getting used to the Canadian game !!

Was it me or did the coaches seem to have a terrfic game plan last night?

I thought each of the games there has been improvement in the coaching particularly the offensive and defensive lines. It seemed to me that the lines are getting as close to stable as they have been since training camp.

I love the screen pass which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and the little flip to Ralph off of it. Mind you it only works a couple of times.

I think the offense is adding each game and I am completely sincere when I think this team is going to win at least 6 games.

I must admit I did not think that Jesse Lumsden was that great a player but wow. This is a talented kid with a terrific o-line and improving coaching staff.

Then there is the d. The d-coordinator is getting use to the Canadian game and it showed last night first drive excluded. Great d-line work, terrific linebacking play, a little more work needed with the dbs but a vastly improving scheme.

Loved it when the commentators talked about the d playing old time Ticat football, I couldn't agree more and yes I realize we need to win and I think last night was a huge step toward that goal.

although i voted defense the defense cannot keep on giving up a td on the opening drive of the game and/or 3rd qtr. at least this week it was only the opening drive but they did improved the rest of the gsme

Yeah, that is kind of bizzare. I hope for our sake we get the ball to start the game against Winnipeg. It seems unexplainable to think they would not be ready to start the game?

Although they changed things up for BC, their gameplan going into the game was not great but at least they showed they were adaptable to what the Lions were giving them which is something the previous guys (Marshall, Paopao, Reed, et al) never seemed to be able to do. That's a huge step forward.

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